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Comment Re:Forgetting the 'where' clause (Score 1) 641

Running an SQL update statement without a where clause and seeing '47,982 rows updated'.......bonechilling

I've done this. Now I talk to the interpreter like this:
where ^a delete from table ^e name='bill';

Now my biggest fear is getting the ln and tar order of arguments correct, lest some huge directory get replaced with an empty tarball or going-nowhere link.

Comment Re:Who guards the guards? (Score 1) 407

Then the only question remaining is whether we should trust you.

Maybe you can, maybe your can't, but there is nobody that you can trust _more_ than Eric Paris. If the NSA has gotten Eric's compliance, then there is no where else for you to turn: not to Microsoft, not to Apple, and not to any of the BSDs.

Comment Re:Real threat or open question? (Score 1) 407

Hi Eric! As much has I appreciate your competence and your attention to detail, is it not possible (or even plausible) that insidious code such as that found in The Underhanded C Contest might have been passed in under your nose?

Of course, it is reasonable to assume that the SE Linux code would be especially vetted for backdoors, and thus other areas of the kernel might make for less-eyes-looking-for-issues cover for a backdoor. But considering how much code goes into the kernel, is it not possible that some innocuous-looking code may have gotten through?

Of course, if SELinux or any other component is compromised (or the hardware), then it is safe to assume that _no_ operating environment is any better off.

Comment Re:Amazon (Score 1) 100

I just signed up with these guys about a year ago:

I'm stupid happy with them. If you want, I can set you up with my own reseller account with them. I won't even charge you for the month or so while you get stuff up and running. Once you're happy with the way things are going, I'll charge you cost for the server space, if it is a non-profit that I agree with. Who is the non-profit?

I'm also a developer by trade, so though I won't commit to doing 'free work' I will happily help with some technical issues or advice if need be.

Comment Re:The fastest way to Mars... (Score 1) 285

Moon-LMO shuttle

LEO: Low Earth Orbit

That is a nice dream, but Low Moon Orbit does not exist. The moon's gravity is too lumpy for that. You either land on the moon or crash on the moon, you don't orbit it. At least, not for more than a few weeks and even that demands considerable fuel expenditure in the form of station-keeping.

Comment Re:Unit Tests (Score 2) 254

If possible, I would try writing unit tests for the existing code. This tests your understanding of what you are reading and will come in handy later if you change the code. If unit tests already exist then I suggest that you read them since they will tell you the intention of each function.

Unit tests are a lot like documentation: they will tell you what the code is _expected_ to do. (Not what the code actually _will_ do, especially in corner cases). Thus, if you are already digging in to see what any section of code is doing, document what you've found: write a unit test.

Submission + - German dam bursts (

dotancohen writes: Thousands of people have been evacuated to safety in eastern Germany after a dam burst on the swollen River Elbe and farmland was flooded in an attempt to spare towns, with meteorologists forecasting more rain.

In Magdeburg, one of the oldest cities in eastern Germany and a regional capital, some 23,000 people were asked to leave on Monday as water levels in the Elbe rose to a record 7.48 metres — about 5 metres above normal and surpassing the level reached during devastating floods in 2002.

Comment Re:Let me be the second (Score 5, Informative) 267

How is this bug fixed? From the initial bug report, reproduction instructions:

Steps to repeat:

        1. Visit a local PC store.
        2. Attempt to buy a machine without any proprietary software.

What happens:

Almost always, a majority of PCs for sale have Microsoft Windows pre-installed. In the rare cases that they come with a GNU/Linux operating system or no operating system at all, the drivers and BIOS may be proprietary.

What should happen:

A majority of the PCs for sale should include only free software.

I can still reproduce the bug in its entirety. Nothing has changed since 2004.

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