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Comment Re:Sound? (Score 1) 85

I'm not buying that one. The materials would be super-dense, super-hot, moving at almost the speed of light, and moving in different directions. I don't think sound would have much meaning here which could be correlated with what we sense as sound.

We correlate the propagation of disturbances in the fluid medium which immerses us as "sound". Do you not think that disturbances propagated in the fluid medium that existed moments after the big bang?

Comment Re:Another dumb question.... (Score 1) 89

The tricky part of this scenario is getting the rock enough kinetic energy to boost it from Mercury's orbit out to Earth. I'd guess a slingshot around the sun was probably needed.

How does something slingshot around the sun? I am aware of planetary slingshots, but they depend upon the planet's orbital speed around the sun. I could see how the sun will change the direction of the object, but not how it could impart more kinetic energy to the object.

Comment Re:I'm not even a fan, but (Score 1) 1174

" If marriage is such an important religious institution"

Excuse me but religion has hijacked marriage as its own, far as I can tell marriage existed way before Christianity.

Excuse me but Christianity has hijacked religion as its own, far as I can tell religion existed way before Christianity.

Comment Re:Easy to bypass 3rd-party-cookie-blocking via CN (Score 1) 369

Then they become 'responsible' for the content served, including malware-infested ads. So long as that responsibility is enforcible, i.e. I can sue a site for sending me malware, then I see this as a good thing.

For that matter, why haven't the large ad networks been sued for 'hacking' i.e. serving malware?

Comment Re:Not that simple (Re:Online Advertising Response (Score 1) 369

I also think this could block lots of cookies used for SSO. Some people do actually like to be able to log using their twitter or github credentials.

I log into StackExchange with Google SSO and I have no problem typing in my password to do so. In fact, I find it disturbing that sometimes I _don't_ have to.

Note that StackExchange stores the login cookie between browser sessions, so I find that I only have to 'log in' about once a month or so, but I use the site daily.

Comment Re:Nissan's approach (Score 1) 170

My Nissan LEAF also tracks all your driving. Nissan's solution to the question of privacy is to pop a dialog on the in-dash touchscreen every time the car is started, asking you if you want to send your data to them. Unless you press "Yes", that drive is not tracked.

Correction: Your Nissan LEAF also tracks all your driving.

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