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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 352

At the time, I was hoping to never have to touch it again! But now half a year later I see that all the motherboards are using that NIC. I was quiet when I should have moved then, so now I'm paying for it.

I will file an issue on the Canonical issue tracker about it, as I should have done months ago. Thanks.

Comment Re:Frosty piss? (Score 4, Funny) 253

Easy answer to this - I was working in Moscow all this year. If you have an accident, you HAVE to wat for the police to come to make an official report, (otherwise your car insurance will not pay out).

When they get there, the person with the biggest bribe gets the favourable report...

So, better to have a dashcam...

That's a good thing, too. I imagine that the airline could afford a bigger bribe than the dashcam driver.

Comment Re:Just do a little research. (Score 1) 352

8168 and 8111 are different versions of the same chip that use the same driver. You just need a newer version of the driver for the 8111, because it's basically a newer revision of the 8168. Not exactly hard to figure out.

Right, but it doesn't work out of the box. You and I are competent enough to handle that situation, but surely you don't expect the casual user to start downloading and compiling software on another computer just to install his OS, or even know how to figure out where the issue is.

Comment Re:Just do a little research. (Score 1) 352

No, not unlucky.. just incompetent. The board he says he purchased says in the manual that it has an RL8111E/RL8111F nic. and in the summary he says it's a 8168. No idea where he got that from, and then he turns around and blames Asus.

$ sudo lshw -C network
              description: Ethernet interface
              product: RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller
              vendor: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

In any case, the crux of the issue is that the NIC in question does not work on any available Linux distro out of the box. Sure, I do happen to be competent enough to find X, compile Y, install Z, or swap component N. That is not the point, though. I turned to the Ask Slashdot community asking which motherboards don't need X found, or Y compiled, or Z installed, or N swapped. Because the next guy might not be as competent as you or I.

I'm really not looking for workarounds for any particular install. I'm looking for manufacturers to trust and to recommend.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi (Score 1) 352

Thank you. I do understand that Windows 7 is a decent OS. The origin of the issue is that some other users saw my KDE setup and they want KDE and X mouse pasting, not specifically Linux. Little things like window-on-top, mouse pasting, the terrific KDE panel, etc. There exist Windows alternatives, but none are as easy to use as real KDE on X.

Of course, they could live without that stuff and just use Windows. But that is another point. The issue here is that there are no viable motherboards on which to run Linux today, for whatever reason that one might want to run Linux. Of course I have a plan B (and plan C) for the office, but as a Linux user at home as well (where I won't move to Windows) the situation worries me.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi (Score 1) 352

When you use the word "local", you should mention that you're in Israel. With Slashdot based in the US, most readers will probably assume that you are also in the US.


Thanks. I didn't mention it because at the time of posting I was under the impression that the problem was not restricted to Israel and I didn't want to introduce a red herring for the trolls. Actually, with the help of some posts I've since found Intel boards available locally.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi (Score 1) 352

I notice that you want a local supplier, but have carefully arranged to not specify your locale (in the several posts you've made mentioning locality or on your Slashdot profile, which made it easy to see whether you'd mentioned a locality at any point). Given this, I assume you are in Antarctica.

I live in Beersheba, Israel. I didn't mention it because at the time of posting I thought that they problem of no current Linux-friendly motherboards was not restricted to my locale (even if the situation in North America is different) so I didn't want to throw a red herring into the mix.

With the help of some helpful posts here, I have found Intel motherboards locally. Problem solved, Ask Slashdot to the rescue.

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