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Comment Re:Laundering (Score 5, Insightful) 232

Even worse than laundering: the US government is ensuring that only the rich have access to these bitcoins sold at a reduced price.

The coins should be sold on the open market and the proceeds put in the same coffers as tax money to reduce that burden. Instead of doing that, they are ensuring that the wealthy can acquire more items of value that can then be directly liquefied.

Comment Re:And the layout? (Score 1) 270

Doesn't work. Though Classic Theme Restorer let us move the address bar to the bottom of the screen in Firefox 29, in Firefox 30 the address bar is now _hidden_ if it is moved with Classic Theme Restorer! Luckily I also use Vimperator and can get by without the address bar, but for other users this could be a pain.

Note also that opening Firefox 30 the first time, Firefox lost all my tabs (80+). I was able to restore them, though, from the ~/.mozilla/firefox/****.default/sessionstore.bak file. Just use a bit of Python to parse that JSON file to get the URLs out.

Still a pain, everything took over an hour of my employer's time, and I _still_ don't have a solution to the address bar issue. Some people use Firefox to work, not play with Twitter and Faceschmuck all day (social media integration features are the major new features in Firefox). Looks like Mozilla doesn't consider that. If only Opera supported Tree Style Tabs I would move back.

Comment Re:Gull-wing doors on an SUV? (Score 1) 136

Is it me or is this a really stupid idea? Just making the doors gull wing prevents you from putting: luggage on top, ski racks, bike racks on roof, etc. You know, the kind of things people would do with an SUV or crossover...

All those things would reduce the mileage on the vehicle. Maybe the gullwing doors are a clever plot to prevent people from ruining the aerodynamics, and thus the mileage, of the vehicle. Being electric this is a very important factor.

Comment Re:objective list (Score 2) 231

Note that Aristotle outranks Plato, who then outranks Socrates by a huge margin. Considering that the influence of one upon the other is _exactly backwards,_ I do agree that this list may be an _unordered_ list of very influential people, but it certainly is not an _ordered_ list. Thus there is no #1.

Comment Re:A Formula only an Actuary could Love (Score 1) 422

If I was in my early 20's, I'd probabbly think I was 'leet'
Now in my mid 40's, I'd probabbly fire whomever wrote it.

The truth is, that Excel cell reminds me of a Bash monstrosity that I banged out a few weeks ago to test once per hour the state of a MySQL database to see if a long-running DDL query had finished, and then to run another (complex and long-running) DDL query. This one-liner included a for loop, a while loop, two SQL queries, sleep, grep, sort, awk, and some other bits and pieces. At the time I thought it 1337 as well, but looking back at it I recognize it for the hack that it was.

However, Bash commands are inherently ephemeral whereas the Excel function would likely have been continued to be used for years down the road. This is where the difference between "don't need to be maintained" and "cannot be maintained" manifest!

Comment Re:I believe it because.. (Score 2) 291

Traveling with kids isn't that hard. You can get a backpack with a kid seat that will work till they are about five. When they are eight, they can walk fast enough to keep up. So that is only a three year window when they are too heavy to carry and too slow to walk. My daughter was born in California. My son was born in Shanghai. They have both been to five continents, and both speak three languages (English, Mandarin, and Spanish). When they grow up, they will have an international perspective, and can be a bridge between cultures. Kids will only hold you back if you use them as an excuse not to go.

When you get to Israel contact me! My daughters have been on 9+ hour flights across oceans and have never been a problem on an airplane, car, boat, or train. I would love for them to meet your children and they have one language in common, though from experience children don't even need a single common language to play and make friends. Adults would do good to learn from them.

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