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Comment Re:Horrible Summary (Score 2) 198

I live close enough to the Charleston in TN that I have gotten used to checking whenever the word comes up without more info.
You, yourself admitted that at least one item on Kr1ll1n (579971)'s list was reasonable.
Other people are even now pointing out that what you claim was obvious is not obvious.
I supect you'll be surprised how many people who don't live in the US also don't find ANYTHING about which Charlston is largest obvious, and in fact you'll probably hear from people who only know of a handfull of the very largest cities in the US and have never heard of ANY Charleston.
Your claim that the mention of the general US Drug Enforcement Administration appearing in the summary invalidates all non-us locations is itself wrong (The US siezes assets in cases of INTERNATIONAL drug trafficing, so the summary is just assuming something is 'obvious' too - you've got a whole lot of "my side gets to declare EVERYTHING is obvious to win our Internet argument" going there.

Yet despite those issues, you're still busting someone's chops. You've jumped on somebody who 'obviously' took at least two minutes doing some research, to get the list you are declaring irrelevant. You see with your own eyes a piece of research that I feel confident took at least two minutes and your first nit-picking, obsessive compulsive act is to criticise the poster for not taking two minutes to research something. That's like me reading your post and then claiming you are 'obviously' a secret lifetime South Carolinian.
          I have never met you before, but my first impression is you are the sort of pedantic fool who trys to bully people at near random to bolster his flagging self esteem, falls back on a claim of Aspergers when called on it, and you have the sort of underlying, monumental anger-management issues that make you an impossibly annoying jerk for everyone who has to deal with you day to day. In fact, that's "Obvious!".

Comment Re:It was bound to happen (Score 2) 198

you can't piss on somebody's leg by making your own money system

Why not? This isn't the first time, it's happened many times before, arguably trading gold for the first time was doing exactly that. Then making notes backed by gold was doing it again, then making currency backed by nothing was doing it one more time. I would argue Nintendo Points are their own form of currency - granted a highly regulated one - that Nintendo created. I would totally do a small amount of work for some Nintendo points to buy new games with - that would be trading my labor for their currency. The fact that currency can only then be used for purchasing games is the only reason I would limit my amount of work for the points. Were I able to pay rent, buy a car, and buy groceries with Nintendo points I might just work full, but not likely as I can only surrender those points to Nintendo. If however I could trade those points with someone else - what do you know - a new form of currency meant to piss on the leg of the government and Sony.

Comment Re:It was bound to happen (Score 1, Troll) 198

People do bargain directly with each other now. The government isn't involved in that.
See above.

Yes, we get that Bitcoin is potentially useful for tax evasion. Can you spell out why that is socially desirable?

Can you spell out why every transaction a person is involved in should be taxed? Instead of answering your question about why it is socially desirable I'm going to ask my own question. Is it socially desirable for me stand around in Kentucky Fried chicken, seizing a single piece of chicken from every order to feed some random individual outside on the street? What if I told you that random individual picked up trash on the highway - it doesn't matter if you litter or not.

If you can tell me why that is socially desirable, then you will have answered your own question.

Comment Re:It was bound to happen (Score 4, Insightful) 198

Why is this statement modded down? It's a perfectly legitimate assessment of the flow of money and labor. If people were allowed to trade their own labor or goods without having to invoke the mandatory use of Federal Reserve notes/bits it would be much more difficult for the USA's Federal Government to put a toll on that transaction. Indeed Bitcoin is a competing currency that allows people to bargain directly with one another which the Federal Government would interpret as competition - in much the same way Taxi unions in Houston declared bicycle rickshaws as "stealing" from them and had the rickshaws regulated out of existence. The US Government - unlike the Taxi Union - sees ALL business transactions done without them as competition and since they have direct law making power will address such things directly.

Comment That's great. Now maybe Sprint will deploy it (Score 1) 125

south of NASA Parkway in the nice, suburban area with lots of subscribers, or North of the Woodlands where there's lots of subscribers. Or across the street from their own corporate stores in Louisiana that sell 4G phones. They have one horse population 1,000 towns in way out nowhere East Texas covered, but dammit, those not quite white collar urban and suburban areas just aren't worth paying attention to.

Comment Re:Gonna Have to Disagree with You There (Score 1) 658

What I don't understand is how the a poll with only 1000 people could be somehow regarded as representative for 300.000.000+ people.

A poll of a 1000 people isn't even thought of as representative for my country which only has 16.000.000+ people.

That is what the first comment should have been about.

These types of things tell me how people in the US have lost touch with reality, please, please be more critical of the media and everything else. Apply more common sense.

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