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Comment Re:Reflections (Score 1) 960

True. "I had my old machine loaded with all sorts of tools I had custom crafted for my needs. DSP stuff. Digitizers and digitizing software. Unusual displays. Dual disk drives and RAM drives, along with drivers of my own design. Assemblers. C++ compilers. Schematic capture and PCB layout software. SPICE circuit simulators. Mathcad. Thermodynamics software. Disassemblers and debugging tools just in case something didn't work like it oughta." Does you job involve using these tools ? If yes how can you justify you were fired ? In my job I have to install/configure/update this kind of programs, because my users are supposed to use these tools. If not, then it's just like bloatware to me. Maybe useful for a specific task but certainly non-critical. I give some "marge de manoeuvre" to people, because they know better than me how they work the best. But I can also recognize when people are requesting useless privileges/tools. And no, whining never made me install something. Prove me a tool is useful for your job and I'll do all the IT you need.

Comment Re:Terrible question (Score 1) 848

In this case, a direct vote by the people is a good solution because it settles down the decision once for all. Even if the government loses the next election you know that the country will follow the same direction about a subject, in this case: nuclear power. Look at France and his typically dual political class. They keep justifying their mediocrity by complaining about the laws voted by the opposite side 10 years ago. Look at what they have done to their solar power industry: The government withdrew his public funding all of a sudden and now a whole industrial branch is collapsing. If you want to invest in new power technology, you know that you have a solid option if you invest in a country that have decided by a vote of the people of the direction they want to take. You will have stability. Will you invest in biotechnology in a country where the people voted against stem cells ? Or voted for it ? Or even worse: in a country where this kind of decision is changed every 4 years ?

Comment Re:80% from what? No! Far worse than that! (Score 1) 204

Plese read the article. The research team successfully applied 3D synthesis models (and their nanocones) to solar cell. Meaning higher efficency and cheaper costs. Just by going 3D instead of 2D. "Key features of the solar material include its unique electric field distribution that achieves efficient charge transport; the synthesis of nanocones using inexpensive proprietary methods; and the minimization of defects and voids in semiconductors. The latter provides enhanced electric and optical properties for conversion of solar photons to electricity." "Because of efficient charge transport, the new solar cell can tolerate defective materials and reduce cost in fabricating next-generation solar cells."

Comment Re:Fantastic?? (Score 1) 204

From the article: "With the creation of a 3-D nanocone-based solar cell platform" You're missing the whole point of the article. You're missing the progress made possible by the 3D chips. How many of the current solar cells technologies are using 3D chips ? Thanks for the "clown".

Comment wrong problem (Score 2) 323

Graphics are not the problem with games nowadays. Content is, or rather: lack of content. I don't care to be able to count the number of leaves on a tree of seeing or not the shadows of these leaves. I want to be able to interact with the tree. It's the corridor syndrom, I don't care the graphics of a corridor, it's still a corridor and it's only designed to be walked trough. How fun... Tell me why minecraft has so much success ? The funky design of the cubes maybe ?

Comment farting and belching (Score 1) 1019

My collegue is listening to music. I can hear it and it is a problem. But more than that, he is eating in the office, then belching and farting all day long. Maybe with music he is feeling at home ? Should I plug something in my nose to keep working without being distracted ? What's the limit ?

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