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Comment Not only that (Score 4, Interesting) 249

But Apple's response to Motorola opening a negotiation was a lawsuit.

It's disingenuous for them to say that they will do something without the court ordering it, when the entire reason the court is involved is that they refused to even make an initial offer, choosing instead to pick what they thought would be the best venue to sue in. Obviously, that didn't work out so well for them after the judge figured out what was going on.

Comment If it was easy to do, anybody could do it (Score 1) 360

If it's not easy to do, then you should get the big bucks.

The trick is to stay around long enough to reap the benefits of all your good refactoring work. If the software gets better and better, that should show up in whatever metrics management uses (downtime, customer satisfaction, whatever), and then they should pay you even more.

So the trick isn't to look at the quality of the code at the potential job. The trick is to figure out if, at some point, that quality comes under your control, and if you will have a nice work environment and be rewarded commensurately.

Comment Not necessarily (Score 1) 615

The problem is that the logic inside the router switches at very high speed, creating its own noise.

This is the reason that some mixed signal chips have both analog and digital power supplies -- to allow the board designer a small chance of keeping the analog signals clean by filtering the digital switching noise before it gets to the analog input.

The problem is compounded when you have multiple switching chips.

Of course, as other posters have pointed out, the problem certainly could be in the power supply itself, in which case swapping the power supply certainly could be a fix.

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