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Comment Re:this is a ridiculous recommendation (Score 1) 184

Are we seriously so opposed to broccoli and other vegetables much loathed as children that we're going to eat bugs instead?

No, I'm going to have a hamburger or a steak. I have no idea why "UN says people should eat bugs to have less impact on the environment" would lead to anybody actually eating bugs.

Comment Thanks for the late news, Slashdot (Score 1) 451

I spent all day Thursday troubleshooting one of our all-Mac customers with six other people in the room, all shouting different ideas. Only at the end of the day did we discover the news. I was really shocked Slashdot hadn't reported it.

I went home and had nightmares about installing and reinstalling Java on Mac.

Comment Re:Mixed feelings. (Score 1) 383

But if government doesn't create laws like this, then the alternative is that big business sets defacto policies for us, because they hold all the cards

The problem is the government monopolized all the cards (spectrum) in the first place, then gave out the cards to its cronies (the businesses).

Comment Re:Summary (Score 1) 345

I've had similar experiences with Spamhaus btw, they decided to nix my upstream provider and when I complained I was told that I should use another ISP because mine wasn't well liked.

"Wasn't well liked" == "complaints had been received that they allowed their customers to send spam."

I agree with spamhaus. This puts pressure on ISPs to police their customers, or else their decent customers will leave. And everyone can choose whether they want to use providers that allow all contact through, or providers that filter out contact from ISPs that don't police their customers.

there's no incentive for companies running mail services to ensure that legitimate mail gets delivered

Well, there's some incentive in that if their customers truly want the mail and aren't receiving it, they'll have to pick a different provider. I purchased a product once to be emailed to me and had to acquire an alternative email address because the seller wouldn't do business with gmail, yahoo, or hotmail addresses. I didn't waste time arguing with him; I just got an email account that would get his mail through.

it cost me money and effort to migrate my service.

That's the price of offering a service. If enough people want it, they will more than make up for the cost of you going with an ISP they consider reputable. If not, the world has no obligation to keep your costs low enough to keep you in business. A much cheaper thing to do would've been to quit offering your service.

Comment Re:Um? (Score 1) 320

Right, and if the deep fryer at your McDonald's were really profitable, the deep fryer manufacturers would never sell them. They would just keep them and use them to make money.

Under your logic, no manufacturer would ever sell a piece of capital equipment, because either it is profitable and they would keep it, or it is not profitable and the purchaser is being ripped off.

The manufacturers are experts in hardware and can create it cheaply than the miners could, but the miners are experts in mining and can be much more profitable with the chips than the hardware manufacturers could. It's a matter of division of labor. Because the miners understand much more about mining, changing the owner of the equipment very well could result in it making more money.

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