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Comment Re:Redudant Options (Score 1) 280

wouldn't storing your stuff in a non digital format constitute Zero?

No. The percentage of digital storage capacity that's solid state would be the formula s/d*100 . If you have no digital storage then the resultant formula would be 0/0*100 , ie. you would be dividing by zero, which of course is a Bad Thing To Do. The answer in that case isn't zero, it's N/A; hence the extra option.

Comment Re:Just for a change (Score 1) 282

Well then you've either never had a download fail or you have but didn't realise it because of the bug and later either didn't notice the incompleteness of the file or blamed it on something else.

Or perhaps the bug is more selective than I thought. That doesn't seem too likely to me though seeing as this has happened to me many many times across multiple versions of Windows and multiple Linux distros across 5-6 different computers across all versions of Firefox/Firebird/Phoenix for the entire 10 years that I've been using the browser. I doubt I'm that unlucky.

Comment Just for a change (Score 5, Insightful) 282

Another day, another Firefox UI 'revamp'. And another major version number to go with it, no doubt.

Meanwhile, if a download times out Firefox still reports it as having completed successfully. This has been the case since at least Phoenix 0.4, and presumably since it's conception. Yet it remains unfixed. Apparently in 11 major versions and 9 years, not to mention countless UI revamps it seems the FF team still haven't realised that an HTTP connection can fail.

Comment Just a quick mention for ED-E... (Score 1) 608

...from Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road add-on. Obviously not at all as iconic or prolific enough to be included in a poll like this but when a flying, beeping sphere is the most endearing character in a game it's probably worth noting. As a companion in the main game he's fairly average but the storyline and dialogue in the Lonesome Road add-on itself is great.

<coy beeping>

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