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Comment Re:Bingo (Score 1) 487

Those folding kick scooters are currently my top pick for urban personal transport if you don't have anywhere to stash something as large as a bike. Recently I've tried; an A-bike, inline skates and a folding kick scooter. The A-bike is too large and heavy for walking around once you've folded it up and moved into areas where you can't ride a bike. The inline skates are a pain in the *rse (literally) if there are problems with the path you're skating on (sand, holes, bumps, etc). The kick scooter is trivially easy to learn to ride, folds up into a really small, light package and is easy to jump on and off as the situation warrants.

Next up I'm going to test springy stilts. I just have to lose about 8kg first.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 2, Interesting) 440

A couple of months ago AVG decided that Portable Thunderbird was a trojan. After an update, hey, no it's not.

I used to recommend it to anyone who needed anti-virus for a home PC but now I recommend Avast and I'll be removing the last remaining AVG install on any of my PCs the next time it screws up in any way.

Molten Salt-Based Solar Power Plant 478

rcastro0 writes "Hamilton Sundstrand, a division of United Technologies, announced today that it will start to commercialize a new type of solar power plant. A new company called SolarReserve will be created to provide heat-resistant pumps and other equipment, as well as the expertise in handling and storing salt that has been heated to more than 1,050 degrees Fahrenheit. According to venture capitalist Vinod Khosla 'Three percent of the land area of Morocco could support all of the electricity for Western Europe.' Molten Salt storage is already used in Nevada's Solar One power plant. Is this the post-hydrocarbon world finally knocking?"

Submission + - Solar Tree Bears Fruit 1

Hugh Pickens writes: "A solar tree recently passed a key test and went on display on a busy street — the Ringstrasse — in Vienna, Austria providing light during the night-time even when the sun had been covered by clouds for four days in a row. The branches of the solar tree were decorated with 10 solar lamps, each one powered by 36 solar cells.and the tree included rechargeable batteries and electronic systems to measure the amount of light in the atmosphere and trigger the solar lamps to go on. "Not just trees but other objects could be decorated with solar cells and so keep streets well lit at night time," said Christina Werner from Cultural Project Management. Google uses a similar concept to light their parking lots with 3,000 solar panels that provide 10 percent of the Googleplex's power demand."

Information Overload Predicted Problem of the Year for 2008 146

Wired is reporting that information overload is being predicted by some analysts as the problem of the year for 2008. "'It's too much information. It's too many interruptions. It's too much lost time,' Basex chief analyst Jonathan Spira declared. 'It's always too much of a good thing.' Information overload isn't exactly new, but Spira said the problem has grown as technology increases societal expectations for instantaneous response. And more information available, he said, also means more time wasted looking for the right information, whether in an old e-mail or through a search engine."

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