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Comment Re:What are the range of failures? (Score 1) 357

But the thing is you don't need those extra things that require root or installation of another ROM. The phone will work fine without the OS upgrade.

Also, the only people who "need" those extra things are going to be the ones who know how to do them, or have the incentive/will to learn how to do such things.

"Work fine". Yeah. Until you get rooted because of unpatched security flaws.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 585

Because I feel that Webkit is technically superior to Gecko. Ever since using KDE years ago I always wanted a khtml/webkit based Windows browser, as Konqueror seemed really fast. Safari eventually got ported to Windows before Chrome came, but Chrome seems better than Safari (on Win) because it doesn't use Apple's port toolkit for Windows.

Comment Re:I'll be brave and fess up.... (Score 1) 609

One word - ZUNE. Unlike iTunes it was easy to setup, let me import anything I want, and I love the subscription service. I had Zune on my PC before I had any kind of mobile Zune player. Unlike iTunes, I get my music through Zune in MP3 format, and I'm free to use it how I want.

Uh, you do realise that the AAC format used by Apple is an open standard, totally free of DRM? Newer, and technically superior? Yes, you're free to use it however you want.

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