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Comment Re:I'll be brave and fess up.... (Score 1) 609

One word - ZUNE. Unlike iTunes it was easy to setup, let me import anything I want, and I love the subscription service. I had Zune on my PC before I had any kind of mobile Zune player. Unlike iTunes, I get my music through Zune in MP3 format, and I'm free to use it how I want.

Uh, you do realise that the AAC format used by Apple is an open standard, totally free of DRM? Newer, and technically superior? Yes, you're free to use it however you want.

Comment Re:Chill out (Score 1) 965

Thing is, for many people the jailbreaked iPhone is the best device out there, other less restricted devices still might not provide the same experience. So to buy something else you would have to consider how much your idealism is worth. For as long the iPhone is easy to jailbreak, I don't think you will see people giving that much thought.

Comment Re:Unix way (Score 1) 272

The only thing it would take to have .app packaging in Linux would be to have the desktop environment file manager (in Gnome for example, Nautilus) recognize them. They don't need to be supported by the OS at a lower level in any way. Now I can't code C, but I bet it could be hacked into Gnome in a few hours. Then you could have people distributing apps like that right away.

Comment Re:Trends (Score 1) 264

Maybe he just trusts Amd/Intel to make processors that work but does not trust CRU to produce accurate predictions. If you trust some experts you do not have to trust them all.

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