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Comment Re:K&R2 (Score 1) 517

The UNIX Programming Environment [Kernighan, Pike] is a great companion to the K&R, and a cute little retro read. You can get em used for around $1 (mine cost $0.85).

Some others:
C - A Reference Manual 5th ed. [Harbison, Steele]. The CARM is a great book for absent minded geeks like myself, who easily remember complicated topics but tend to forget the simple ones.

Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment 2nd ed. [Stevens, Rago] (aka The Dilbert). The one that gets used. Stevens is to UNIX what Elvis is to Rock and Roll. This book is but one of several that prove it.

Submission + - Going to Yosemite? Get your passport ready! (cnn.com)

rev_media writes: The Real ID acts mandates all states to begin issuing federal IDs to all citizens by 2008. Costs could be as much at $14 billion, but only 40 million are currently allocated. Several states have passed legislation expressly forbidding participation in the program, while others seem to be all for it. The IDs will be required for access to all federal areas including flights, state parks and federal buildings. People in states refusing to comply will need to show passports even for domestic flights.

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