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Comment Re:In completely unrelated news (Score 2) 725

That would never be permitted in public stores, people would stop shopping in them or stop buying as much and rush out of the store sooner, destroying whatever advantage the store gets for erecting a "wall of ignorance".

What if there's a family emergency? What if your kid got hurt at school? You simply can't screw with mobile connectivity anymore, it's too important.

Comment Re:Filed by Ken Cuccinelli (Score 3, Insightful) 1505

This country (USA) needs to learn how to accept points of view that are different and find a common ground. This is why nothing gets done in Congress. No one can stop bickering and being intolernat long enough to do some damn work. That's not what we sent them there to do.

Another nice thought, but one that doesn't work in practice when one side is accusing the other of being agents of the chinese government, or admirers of Stalin and Hitler.

Comment Re:Filed by Ken Cuccinelli (Score 1) 1505

Some laws receive no challenges because no one is sufficiently upset about them.

That's the thing, it seems the only laws that get challenged are the ones that get certain groups of people pissed off. It doesn't mean there aren't sufficient numbers of people pissed off about other laws, but those other people seem to vote and contact representatives rather than stockpile weapons and pretend the country is turning into a communist regime.

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