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Comment Go the EU way... (Score 1) 268

In the European Union VAT is different in each state. If you're buying as a personal customer, ie. you don't have or don't use the VAT ID, you pay the VAT and other taxes valid on the seller's country, except for alcool and tobacco. If you're buying as a professional customer, using the VAT id, the regulations are different due the compensations but the same basic rule applies most of the times except on some cases.

Comment Re:Yes, I don't understand the Pi. (Score 1) 105

The biggest problem I found so far with the Raspberry Pi is the buggy and broken USB driver. Bening based on an USB-on-the-go implementation in hardware, and not in a standard EHCI host implementation a lot of devices that are working without problems under Linux, like printers or usb-to-serial adapters like the ones used on Arduino duemilanove, aren't working reliably with the Pi. I hope that this problem will be soved soon, because is clearly a deal-breaker to use the Pi on general embedded linux applications. If you think the Raspberry Pi as a toy computer to be used by children with only a mouse and a keyboard, a dodgy USB driver isn't a big deal, but if one likes to use it for more general purposes not knowing if a given configurations works reliably it's a big problem.

Comment Re: I can assure you... (Score 1) 642

I've a homebuilt desktop PC with Windows 7. With the classic window manager (Aero switched off) and using Microsoft Security essential makes the system quite responsive. Unfortunately the prebuilt systems are loaded with a ton of unusable crap that fills the memory and slows down the cpu.

Comment Re:Tuition should be lower /period/ (Score 1) 457

I think that the tuition should not be too high and should be relative to the performance of the student. For instance if a student has all perfect grades for the current year, no tuition should be paid at all, if the mean of the grades taken is in the next best 3% of student, a low tuition should be paid. A student which the mean of grades is under the mean of grades of the school, should pat the full tuition, that should be not over a reasonable limit, say $2000/year. Then make a policy like "you must pass all the 1st year exams in the 1st or else" to stop the really rich to continue to try to pass exams by brute force. Problem almost solved.

Comment Re:I'm not British (Score 1) 160

Teletext services could be transmitted with digital television signals, both satellite and terrestrial, and are a standard MPEG feature. A set top box will automatically decode the data and send them over the analogue outputs, or superimposes the decoded page on the video output. Satellite broadcasting for Italy, Germany and France are still sending Teletext pages. I've experience with the MHP services on terrestrial television in Italy. Simply put MHP services are totally and utterly slow, even if MHP decoders are more costrly due the bigger CPU they have to run Java ME, instead of use only the computer power equivalent to a Z80. Worst of all the user interface between various broadcaster is different, even if they're sending teletext-like news and it's too easy to put animated adverts everywhere.

Comment Re:Unfortunately for Arduino (Score 1) 130

The Pi is not a microcontroller. It's a general purpose personal computer aimed to teach programming to schoolchildren. It has a GPIO connection, but doesn't have all the shields and software libraries that Arduino has. It has a full fledged operating system as default, you could also try to program the bare hardware but it's not the standard programming way. The Arduino has a simple control program and some libraries and most important the usage of the i/o is fully and clearly documented. By the way the official Gertboard I/O for the raspberry han an atmega 328 installed "arduino style".

Comment Freedom to install a terrestrial antenna array (Score 1) 376

I suppose that after this move, everybody is now entitled to put an aerial system to receive TV, even on condos or homeowner association controlled zones. Something like this: I suppose that due the first amentement you've the right to receive OTA free channels, even in the USA.

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