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Comment Re:i would think (Score 1) 417

Smaller grocery stores made home delivery in the '70s and still make it. With this servce they beat the big malls because one hasn't to move from home, and for the daily foods, like milk or bread it's an advantage for the grocery owner having a fixed quantity of perishable food to sell. On the other hand, in the '90 for a party we bought a pallet of beer from a wholesale beer warehouse. Nothing says big party like moving the beer with a forklift

Comment Re:not all that effective (Score 1) 211

You could also use selective calls or transmit a modulated signal to trigger the system. Or you can do exactly the reverse. I remember in the 80s a burglar alarm connected to a CB radio that sent every minute or so a coded signal with the meaning 'ALL OK'. The remote post had an alarm that was triggered either by the different message 'TRESPASSERS DETECTED' or after three minutes without having received any message. The control system was made without using a CPU but with TTL logic. If instead a lam and a hord you'll trigger a fuse you'll get an 80s remote controlled bomb.

Comment Re:Like a refrigerator (Score 1) 1010

I think too that personal computers are now in a phase like consumer electronics. I think it's like having an hi fi with separates. In the '70 and '80 was stilish to have a separate, and was also a necessity, so everyboy was selling separates, some with questionable quality. Some people now are using a docking station with their mp3 plauers, but some people still buy and use a 100 w amplifier with floor standint 3-way speakers. I know a lot of people that is still unsing speakers bought in the 80s.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 285

I still have a portable mechanical typewriter, that is really useful to type addresses on envelopes. Laser printers and inkjets tends to jam more easily than a 1960 typewriter. Not to mention the always on (ever in blackout) capacity of the typewriters. Yes, I've also a 35 mm fully mechanical camera.

Comment Go the EU way... (Score 1) 268

In the European Union VAT is different in each state. If you're buying as a personal customer, ie. you don't have or don't use the VAT ID, you pay the VAT and other taxes valid on the seller's country, except for alcool and tobacco. If you're buying as a professional customer, using the VAT id, the regulations are different due the compensations but the same basic rule applies most of the times except on some cases.

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