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Comment New Top Gear Challenge (Score 2, Insightful) 91

Fit three clunkers with actuators on steering wheel, horn, pedals, stick and connect them to an RC car receiver
Put cameras inside it.
Put cars in Dunsfold Park circuit
Give Jeremy, Richard and Dave one RC car controller each.
Make funny Top Gear Episode while the clunkers are trashed.

Comment Re:School full of stupid kids? (Score 1) 217

Or you could teach them to read the numbers on the side of the bus, but that's just my zany, wacky idea. Or are the kids too stupid to get on the exact same numbered bus day after day?

In the 1800's because there were a lot of illiterates, horse drawn trams were using wooden panels with the line numbers with different colours, so for instance the line 5 was using a green panel and line 6 a blue panel. Problem solved. Anyway the actual school buses are using only the colour designation.

Comment Misread (Score 1) 104

I've read "To Counter Widespread Surveillance, Steal Clothing". Makes sense: if you enter in a phone booth with eyeglasses, hat and a dress, and you exit with your red underpants over your trousers, nobody will recognize you. If you enter in the phone booth and exit with a cape and a drawing of a stylized bat on the shirt, you'll be sure to totally confuse everybody.

Comment Re:Huge penalty? (Score 1) 136

$7.5 million isn't huge. It's nothing. Compared to the value of the average multinational corporation

Simples. Crank up the penalties for large corporations, and if a corporation loses a civil case have to pay all the legal expenses for all the parties involved. Join the liability of the corporation to the C-level management, up to twice their yearly income.

Comment Re:Opening up HR to https will save it (Score 1) 371

The bigger problem is that when I was young i had 20/20 sight and ic were like chocolates with easy to spot soldering leads. Now that I have 4/20 sight without glasses they're only make smd components smaller than poppy seeds, and to solder them you have to use costly soldering irons. I remember also when I listened to BBC Radio 4 using a variable air capacitor tied between the radio an the phone line: now I'm listening to the same radio using the DSL line, that o course makes the capacitor trick unusable. The technology marches on and unfortunately for ham radio, and more for CB may I say, this means that are more interesting things to do for the inclined nerd, and to make interesting things in amateur radio is a lot more difficult today than 20 years a go.

Comment Re:Now that is a kickass hack! (Score 1) 171

Seems to me that the camera has only part of the hardware useful to do the task: some hardware is shared with some models capable natively to shoot video, but some other hardware is missing. To make a car analogy is to have a turbocharged 155 HP engine and changing the ECU software getting 180 HP. Unfortunately making this witout changing brakes, air filters, clutch, exaust, tyres and so on will make the car dangerous to drive and with less than optimal performances anyway. IF they're selling the complete upgrade option there's a reason

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 395

The PAL/NTSC limitation is complete bullshit when the digital game ROM has no analog video signalling components.

I'm not sure about NES, but PAL and NTSC Commodore 64 have different clock speeds and the vertcal blank is at different frequencies, so on some games the timing is wrong or some video tricks aren't working.

Comment Re:Not even close (Score 1) 486

You know, on more civilized countries than USA, like Canada or European states, there's an universal services that provides medical coverage, or a state or regional automatic public insurance, or if you've a chronic disease you are entitled to have medicines, exams and surgeries for free. Even on those civilized countries, keeping medical records strictly confidential is normal and enforced. The problem is not the insurance company, or the parents of your children's friend, are your employer or your customers. I

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