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Daylight Saving Time Wastes Energy 550

An anonymous reader writes "With the time approaching when we'll be changing our clocks again, the Wall Street Journal is running a timely article on a study done by a UC-Santa Barbara economics professor and a Ph.D. student. The study unambiguously concludes that Daylight Saving Time not only doesn't save any energy, it actually wastes energy and costs more. The study used energy company records from Indiana before and after that state mandated DST for all of its counties, and calculated that the switch cost Indiana citizens $8.6M per year. 'I've never had a paper with such a clear and unambiguous finding as this,' the professor said."
Internet Explorer

IE8 Will Be Standards-Compliant By Default 383

A number of readers wrote in to make sure we know about Microsoft's change of heart regarding IE8. The new version of the dominant browser will render in full standards mode by default. Developers wishing to use quirks mode for IE6- and IE7-compatible rendering will have to opt in explicitly. We've previously discussed IE8's render mode a few times. Perhaps Opera's complaint to the EU or the EU's record antitrust fine had something to do with Redmond's about-face.

Comment I don't like using cds or nocd patches (Score 0) 198

As I've got several hundred games (originals), as well as several tb of space in my computer, I just install games when I feel like it and play them without using nocd patches or having to get the disks out again...

How do I do that you ask? Oh - a nice little program I bought several years ago called GameJackal. It builds up a "cache" of the cd the first time you run the game, then you just pop out the cd and play happily without it in future.

It's not perfect, but as it does almost every game over 6 months old without any problems, and only a few problems with newer ones (till it's updated etc) I'm quite happy... Even means I can run game updates without having to uninstall nocd patches and find new ones...

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