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Comment Re:I love Drupal (Score 1) 122

I see. Thanks. Not exactly what I was hoping for.

What I really want is the ability to customize a site for users based on a group of some sort. So say that group was by city. I want Baltimore users to see the Baltimore page, Atlanta users to see the Atlanta page, etc. They would sort of have their own site, which news and such specific to their group (city). But they would also be able to communicate with other users in limited ways. Does anybody think this is possible with Drupal?

Comment Re:I love Drupal (Score 1) 122

Would you be willing to explain a little more about this? Are you saying you have one database and one install of the web application, but are able to run multiple web sites off of that?

If so, can users log in to the different sites with the same log in? Can they communicate with each other in any way?

Or do you just mean that you are running multiple installs of drupal for various websites.

Comment Opinion (Score 4, Insightful) 383

I find CNN (and other "news" stations) too often use the internet as a way to inject opinions that they don't want to state themselves because it would make them look bias. For example, you read three message from intelligent people who are in favor of government health care, and one from some moron who is opposed. The message is that the majority of people are in favor and the few who aren't are morons. However, the anchors themselves didn't say anything. They were just giving viewer comments. It is a way to inject opinion in to the segments that are officially reserved for news.

Comment DO NOT WANT (Score 1) 1231

I am very unhappy with Koala (Server install). I can't get Xen working with Grub2. I seem to lack the skills to make the switch from grub2 to grub without messing things up.

I am switching back to Debian. I love having access to newer software in the repositories in Ubuntu, but it isn't worth all this trouble. Why switch to grub2? Was grub one really such a major problem?

Comment I wonder... (Score 1) 1345

I was about to write that this would never have worked for me as I didn't gain an interest in educating myself until I left college. However, it was immediately after college that I gained this interest. I'm wondering if that might mean that this actually would have worked for me. What if I hadn't gone to college, would I have gained a desire to learn after high school? What if I hadn't gone to high school, would I have acquired my current thirst for knowledge after middle school? I can't help but feel that it was the structure of education that fueled my apathy. While attending school, I never read anything that wasn't assigned. Now reading is the majority of what I do outside of work.

On a related note. I was home schooled two years. One of those years my parents were somewhat busy with various things and I was left to work on my own sometimes. I mostly just worked on programming (if you consider Visual Basic programming). That leads me to believe, that, left on my own for 12 years of education, I may have acquired highly specialized knowledge in my chosen field, and not much else. It is debatable whether that is good or bad.

I would love to see some studies on this subject.
The Internet

Submission + - UK Climate Change Computer Named Top Polluter ( 2

1sockchuck writes: "In a vivid example of the "headline risk" posed by IT energy usage, the UK Meteorological Office has been cited as one of the country's worst polluters — primarily because of its use of a powerful IBM supercomputer used to predict climate change. Met Office spokesmen have sought to argue the merits of the science conducted by the supercomputer (numbers 73 and 74 in the Top 500 list), but media have seized on the seeming disconnect between the agency's goals and the energy overhead of its supercomputing operations. The story has been widely featured by the BBC, The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Sun."
Internet Explorer

Submission + - USDA bans browsers other than IE 3

Dave writes: 'An Agriculture Department agency has begun enforcing a policy banning the use of Web browsers other than Microsoft's Internet Explorer, to the surprise of employees who rely on other browsers, such as Mozilla's Firefox, to help in developing Web sites for public use.'

It seems the core issue is one of central management. Are there solutions to assist sysops with management of "alternate browser" settings for large networks? If not, it would appear such a solution would be timely.

Comment Re:Did it not occur to PALM that this is BAD? (Score 1) 314

No, 90% of Palm users won't know. Most would care if they did, though probably not enough to cancel service.

Good news for me, though. My Verizon contract is up in 5 months and I will be moving to a network with decent phones. I've been really struggling between iPhone, webOS, and Android, but now it is just between Android and iPhone.

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