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Comment This would only really be useful (Score 1) 46

....if the Javascript API is able to be implemented in future versions of other browsers. Otherwise it's really just a gimmick. Vendor lock-in doesn't really work in the browser world anymore, like it did with the older versions of IE.

Developers are going to want something that works in all major browsers, to get the biggest possible target audience....hence we have things like HTML & CSS standards and javascript frameworks (to handle the deficiencies / differences behind the scenes) that give a certain degree of "write once, run anywhere" in a browser, which ever one that may be.

Give Google, Mozilla and Opera access to the device so that they can implement the same Javascript API, then we'll be interested.

Comment I went (Score 1) 867

Redhat > Debian > Slackware > Gentoo > Debian > Ubuntu + various other *buntu's

With a bit of FreeBSD scattered all the way through, I've always had a soft spot for it.

I ended up with Ubuntu in the end because it was less hassle to maintain (I want a system that's quick to build and I can spend more time using it than configuring or maintaining it) and had relatively up to date packages in the standard repo's. I no longer have as much free time or am as enthusiastic as I once was, performing stage 1 installs of Gentoo in the earlier days.

Comment Greedy Carriers (Score 1) 395

Horrendous cost aside, where I live (and I'm betting a lot of other places), you can't have multiple devices on the same data plan.

Why can't you have a 3GB plan shared by your 3G phone, 3G tablet and 3G enabled laptop? You're the same person, they're all your devices and your usage varies between the 3, but they want you to instead buy 3 separate smaller plans which total up to a lot more money for the same amount of data.

Sort that out and maybe I'd start considering 3G important in other devices. In the meantime I'll tether. Slightly less convenient, but a hell of a lot cheaper.

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