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Comment What is the issue? (Score 5, Insightful) 442

The article proclaims FUD. This is just silliness. The data requirements ARE NOT 600mbps just as 1080p's data requirements are not 150mbps.

Digital television is ALWAYS compressed.

It will require 4 times the data throughput as it is only 4 times as many pixels. Period. There isn't a downside. If it is only getting a 1080p signal then it will be at least that good and you know that they will have a lot of processing to anti alias the upscaled image. It will probably really help on 3D movies where they are cheesing out by cutting the vertical resolution in half.
The only issue will be getting the infrastructure caught up with it. The cable companies may have a problem but if they don't take care of it they will go the way of the buggy whip because the Internet and Netflix will scale to take care of it.

The only real issue that 4K may have is if it makes enough visual difference that anyone will care enough to pay the premium. I really think the only place it will really noticeably shine is 3D. We will just need to see how fast meaningful 3D content becomes available. And with the limitations on how much 3D content you should reasonably watch in a day that will slow the "need" for it.

Comment Small and cool misses the point though (Score 5, Insightful) 300

Small new devices are 'cool' but that isn't where MS / Ballmer missed the point. They took Microsoft's flagship OS and optimized the whole user interface to work on 'cool' handheld devices where they don't have a serious foothold in the market. I know that they are salivating looking at Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store but they just thumbed their nose at everyone who uses the most entrenched desktop operating system in the world. It is a train wreck as a desktop UI and they are so obscenely blind that they didn't see it or just plain ignored it.

How many people with a tablet and a PC will sit down and use the tablet for word processing or an spreadsheet? This is the biggest opening for a competitor to jump into the desktop OS market I've ever seen. And for the people who think hand held toys like tablets "are a paradigm shift" then explain to me how that correlates with the number of dual or triple display setups that are being rolled out?
(Ask Oracle how the mas shift to thin computing is working for them!)

The boat has been missed. Let's see if they notice.

Comment Re:The article (Score 4, Insightful) 109


Who cares if you have a huge dropout rate? You'll still have a completion rate that is way more then any conventional class and even the dropouts will have learned something.

The education system has built a big blind process that isn't about learning. It is about the process. If you happen to learn at the rate that the info is fed to you and if the process intersects with your learning style then you are great. If you learn faster or slower or in a different fashion then the accepted process you are screwed.

Comment Re:Not a pilot... (Score 1) 585

How can I be sure? FAA regulations.

The controller could be disciplined for that type of slip up. A flight level does not refer to an altitude. It refers to a pressure altitude. What this means is if you set the altimeter correction to 29.92 inches of mercury (standard sea level pressure) and you fly based on the altitude that gives. That means if you are flying at FL300 you could be actually at an altitude hundreds of feet above or below 30,000 feet because of the variations in pressure from high pressure or low pressure systems. This is really the only way to control high altitude traffic because if two planes were flying with different altimeter corrections they could collide because their altimeters were giving different readings.

The reason there is a "transition altitude" is because when you are closer to the ground it is much more important that you are aware of your actual altitude over obstructions. Flying into the ground is a much higher risk than colliding into another plane. I would assume the reason that 18,000 feet was picked as the transition altitude is that there aren't any 18,000 foot mountains in the lower 48 and of the 4 mountains taller then 18,000 feet; two are in Alaska, one is 15 miles outside of Alaska, and the last is way down in the south end of Mexico.

Here is a wikipedia article explaining it all...

Comment Not a pilot... (Score 2) 585

FLxxx numbers are simply pressure altitude in hundreds of feet. In North America flight levels start at 18,000 feet so the lowest FL number is FL180. (In Europe it is much more complicated...) Below that level it is simply "altitude". A normal cruising altitude would be from FL300 to FL410 and may vary from that based on length of hop, specs of the aircraft, congestion, and weather. Not sure where you are going to find any quantity of aircraft cruising at FL180 and FL280 is definitely not "high".

Cabin pressure is not measured in "Flight Levels". That is just silly.
Common commercial aircraft are pressurized to a pressure equivalent of 8,000 feet. The big exception to this is the new Boeing Dreamliner that is pressurized to 6,000 feet which is hailed as a major improvement in passenger comfort and safety.

Comment Re:Next they'll turn off the power (Score 4, Informative) 149

. . .

Honestly, transit (air and subway) is one of the few places you could get some peace and quiet.

. . .

You've never been on BART have you?
BART is the loudest subway I've ever seen and goes over 100 decibels repeatedly.
After riding on quality systems in other places such as Munich I find that BART is just a technical embarrassment.

As far as turning off the cell data coverage... BART consistently has the worst station announcements and the worst station signage. Without the data coverage the only way I can figure out which station I'm at half the time is to get the station map up on the cell and count stops from an identifiable station. I'm really at a loss how a system that big isn't internally audited for simple things like clarity and volume of station announcements. And the lack of clear, obvious, unmistakable station signage is just stupid negligence or apathy on the management's part. 5 minutes on the S-Bahn in Munich will show you how worse then just "Bad" BART is.

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