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Comment Re:Foruc on different parts of game (Score 2) 167

Did this research notice if there were any deaths caused by getting discracted when you jumped and the camera got into such position that you tried to get a nippleslip or see the panties?

Just what we need... surround ourselves with ourselves. That will challenge us and cause us to grow into intelligent, tolerant and well rounded individuals.

/. just keep getting weirder and weirder.


Submission + - Copyright wars: everyone is wrong (spiked-online.com)

An anonymous reader writes: British website Spiked says both the media industry and its critics are wrong when it comes to the copyright wars.

"Everyone and their dog knows that the media is being torn asunder by the forces unleashed by the internet. Almost every movie ever made is available on BitTorrent, half of television's history is easily accessible worldwide courtesy of copyright-flouting Chinese video websites and, despite the success of legitimate services such as iTunes and Spotify, illegal downloads continue to dwarf online music sales."

The article argues that it's not illegal downloads that are destroying the media but instead it's the fault of industry as a whole retreating from production.

Interesting comparison to free and open source software. Slashdot gets a mention also.

Comment Not classifiable (Score 2, Funny) 103

...the author talks about how smart people need to find a certain amount of intellectual challenge from day to day. If they don't find it in their workplace, they'll end up playing complex, 'smart' games, like Civilization IV or Chess

Well, I always try to find challenging games during work hours, so I don't think I classify in either category.


Submission + - The Future of Farming (popsci.com)

eldavojohn writes: With hunger being a major problem in the world, PopSci offers eight innovations in farming that are currently being tested and implemented. They are: farming the desert, soil sensors to cut fertilizer/water waste, genetically engineering rice, using nitrogen collecting microbes in place of fertilizer, gathering extensive data on land to improve usage, robot labor, biochar (nutrients for plants while sequestering carbon) and supercrops like a super resistant, super nutritious bioengineered cassava (also known as yucca). While some of the estimates on these things are five or six years into the future, many are already in place and available.

Submission + - Spanish news site shows porn photo in main page

Andr T. writes: "It seems a Spanish news site called Diario Barcelona has inadvertently published a porn photo in the main page for ten hours (spanish site). The programmer in charge approved the photo (submitted by a trainee) and went to the beach, turning his cell phone off.

Google's (terrible) translator version of the page can be read here."

Submission + - Airline Says It Owns The Word "Northwest" 2

Freshly Exhumed writes: "Northwest® Airlines, the major airline whose market branding is being phased out after it was acquired by Delta, charges that it has exclusive ownership of the common, geographically descriptive term northwest." The Minnesota-based airline is going after the operator of a small, Spokane Washington web site that provides tourist information for visitors to the Pacific Northwest. From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: '[the site's owner] said he has so far spent more than $4,000 in the past few months to defend his site, and he's looking at thousands more going forward as he faces battles in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.' Presumably the Government of Canada will be the next Northwest® target victim, what with their use of the term to name some of their Territories since 1870. I don't suppose Northwest® can sue the world's cartographers, geocachers, boy scouts, etc. can they?"

Comment Re:Not new (Score 1) 330

Its nothing new, but it might surprise those who believe in pure, not-revenue-generating OSS. It's how the free for user projects are financed.

That is really not the problem - at least for me. You can gather user data, you can generate income with it, but you do need my permission. You can't do that without a clear notice.

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