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Comment You are doing it wrong. (Score 1) 287

It doesnt matter which, it matters what. If you think MySQL has design flaws, fix them. That looks good on your resume. If you like or are interested on PostgreSQL then go and find what it need and fix it. That kind of low level hack-master job will get you hired in any company that does databases, not just postgres or mysql.

Comment Re:WTF is SCADA then? (Score 1) 104

SCADA is old and almost never replaced. It is the nature of the beast to not touch stuff that moves or monitors big and critical things. This is not a software engineer's idea, but an industrial/mechanic engineer's idea of how to work an indistrial facility. There is a gap in understanding between people that do the (really)hardware stuff in an industrial place, and the software people that make SCADA stuff.

But its all good IMHO because what is going to happen is that SCADA will get better, and believe me, it should. Every single SCADA ive seen sucks to the point of oblivion, they are all made with all four paws.

Comment Re:Here is more from John Gruber of Daring Firebal (Score 1) 561

It will open youtube content in youtube, which is quite the thing you wanna do if you dont have a mactube or whatever competing service that matches youtube's content tit for tat.

A maps app is different: why would they go through the effort of making a new one if they are goin to work just as well with google's content that is already well established and developed? No. This brick, they will pass to customers.

It took google quite a while to get their stuff workiing in my country. I patiently waited but now, out of nowhere, im going to have to wait again. Or maybe not. Ill shut up if it works just as bad as in the US, but I know it wont: if it sucks 1x there, it will suck 10x here. If it takes T time to fix it in the US, it will take 10T time to fix it for my country. Its just the way the economy works.

Comment Re:Here is more from John Gruber of Daring Firebal (Score 0) 561

Yes, if you live in Monterrey, California. Unfortunatly, I live in Monterrey, Mexico and if google took ages to get this clusterfuck of a city right, im pretty sure we are at the tail of apple's priorities right now, specially since they are getting butchered by people from, damn, Monterrey, California.

Fuck them. I need this to work well and I aint shutting up until it works perfect. They wont loose me as a customer: ive tens of thousends of songs in imatch, ive bought plenty from itunes, i gave my dad his first ipod and ipad and he now has an Air, i have an ipad latest, i have a macbook pro i have a shuffle. Im fucked. Im never getting out of here.

But I can be pretty nasty if shit doesnt work like it has to. And work it will or else.

Comment Re:Here is more from John Gruber of Daring Firebal (Score 3, Insightful) 561

"Spoken like someone who's probably never picked up an iPhone in his life. Select contact. Click-Hold address. Select Copy. go to whatever maps app or webisite you like and click paste."

As oposed to finding your contact and taping in the mini map that appears with it, right? What if im driving? Will siri open a google maps app for my contact? Yeah, didnt think so.

And if the new maps app isnt all that good in the US and the UK, how the fuck do you think it will do in Mexico. And YES im just ranting because YES, im stuck with the damned thing. I will change to iphone 5 anyhow because im apple all the way.

For this change yes, i will say again and again: fuck them and the horse they rode in on until they get me perfect maps at least as good as I have right now.

Comment Re:Here is more from John Gruber of Daring Firebal (Score -1, Flamebait) 561

Look, whatever, the problem here is we users with a significant investment in the apple garden are fucked even if we get a google maps app because its not going to link to the native apps. If i have an address in my adressbook, apple is not going to let me open the direction in the google maps app with one tap. Of course the fuck not. They will send me to their ugly ass bitch fucking botched maps app that will take years to work anyware but the states and the UK and that really is fucking us up.

I didnt hate them. I bought into them like a lamb in the butcher house and im getting fucked and then slaughtered and then eaten.

Hey, at least i got fucked.

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