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Comment Re:you need to be on the jury (Score 1) 415

They are going by bs - a dog sniffed out a hidden child porn storage device. And of course everyone in the world can be framed if necessary, but it's better if it's not framing, but he acutally has beaten around the bush, like creating a general picture about the individual. Like if he looks at porn online, keep feeding him pages with children. If he buys a computer on ebay, fill it up with "barely legal" porn and some "warez" and give it to him like that. Make sure he can no longer buy his favorite safety razor anymore, and keep sending him to brainwashing sites about how cheap and "cool" razor blades, the old style you sharpen with a stone, are. Also when he's on google books keep feeding him serial killer novels or at least intricate political treachery and backstabbing novels, when he searches for "chemistry", "encyclopedia" "mechanical machinery," and try to get him to get a CDL, so you can send him on a route where the fresh bodies from the morgues can be laid as cadavers whereever he's given a route, in fact the availability of such a fresh young corpse is what determines which way he gets a shipment next, and this way you can erase anyone. False witnesses are simple, also fake child porn usb flash drives, but it's more comforting to have some actual substance to it, some of it hard to explain away, such as being caught with your pants down. Or at least having a dangerous hobby, like mountain climbing, skiing, or even fishing will do, anything, anything.. violence, drugs, sex offender, child porn, financial fraud, speeding, driving without insurance, practicing free speech that's offensive or might be taken the wrong way, or at least out of context.. there is a shitlist by Da Man to eliminate anyone who's a threat to his world domination quest, if, by nothing else, by running their mouth on Slashdot. And don't believe just because some of you post as Anonymous Coward, they don't know exactly who said what when, don't assume that.

Comment Re:Now thats incentive (Score 1) 564

If you can figure out to sustainably and independently live in the vacuum of outer space - such as farming on a rotating space station made of titanium/steel cylinders, at least 2 layered walls rotating/sliding on top of each other (so when a meteorite going 20 miles per second punches a hole through both, the holes get misaligned and the leakage is slow), about 1000 ft radius and 2 miles long, each segment (so that you can evacuate from one isolation unit to another as it goes to vacuum), with many "floors" internally (centrifugal force, i.e. artificia gravity, increases toward the edge as omegasquared-r, so floors can have different speeds, and near the center a fast crazy coriolis force floor for martial arts and near the edge a heavy weight workout room, but the very center weightlessness nonspinning), with a parabolic light collectors casting a shade on the whole cylinder, and piping light through mirrors and conduits near the ends/center of the cylinder inside for farming, and solar panels in abundance to the side for artificial lighting and power (i think solar panels + lightbulbs have lower efficiency of light overall than a polished aluminum parabolic collector), everything fully recycled and autonomous, with outside physical contact only say once a year or every 5 years (and that requires a deadly disease a longer than 5 year incubation period to spread and kill the space station humans if it kills everyone else, and there are such diseases, like syphilis takes a long time for symptoms to develop, and it's called the great imitator diseases), nonphysical social contact such as radio and internet 24/7/365, it would be a pretty livable thing to do. By the way it's only a matter of time to get hit by lightning or by a meteorite by everyone down here on Earth, but the chances are so small that most people make it safely to death. Ditto for a space station, though because of non-meteorite-burning-atmosphere-protection, the chances are indeed higher. Also, at $10,000/lb shipping and handling via the shuttle from Earth, (some people are talking $800/lb foreseeable in the near future) all the construction materials have to come from the not so deep gravity well miracle nearby, called the Moon. So a material extracting Moon base is of paramount importance. I have no clue what the cost of S/H from the Moon would be, but you're probably talking 100x less, especially since, without an atmosphere, continuous acceleration on the ground to a high velocity that shoots off into orbit is possible, and then you don't really need rocket fuel for that, but a nuclear power plant will provide electric propulsion just fine. For a nuclear power plant the cooling is the biggest issue, and it would have to be a geothermal or lunathermal cooling from a mobile platform plant that keeps moving to fresh cold areas as it saturates the underground with heat. Nuclear on the cylinder rotating space station is very difficult, and full electric silicon solar panel is the best option there. The Moon is made up of mostly the same stuff as Earth, on the surface O, Si, Al, Ca, Mg, Fe, Na, K, Ti, and some S, Cl, Mn, P, and then everything else. Though if the center of the Moon is not molten, and the Moon was initially formed from a Massive impact shooting the guts of Earth out into orbit, it might be possible to tunnel all the way to its center without a molten lava around you, and find some Iridium, osmium, platinum, gold, uranium, thorium, etc segregated near the center, if it was in a molten state when it got ejected and had time to stratify, and the ejected part truly came from the center of the Earth, and not from off to the side, if the whole thing came from an impact in the first place. But imagine so much platinum that everyone (7 billion people) could have a fuel cell, and platinum silverware and dishes that never rust. There is lots of stuff to look forward up there, especially lots of real estate and room, and then you can talk humanity numbering in the 100 trillion people or more range, with only 7 billion stuck down on the reservation called Earth, the rest living on cylindrical rotating artificial gravity farming space stations, each couple connected units with a Zoo in it. Having many cylinder space station isolation units living with their own supply of air in the vacuum around them(everyone is breathing and exhaling into the same atmosphere down here on Earth) protects against a global plague/computer-virus-like but genetic engineered real, biological world infection outbreak, and also nuclear war contamination (though it would cut down the meaning of the mutually assured destruction doctrine, i still don't like the way it sounds though) There is theory that eventually the Sun is gonna run out of fuel, though that's a while off. Also there is theory of a technological decline, like the middle ages/dark ages from ancient times, before the enlightenment, and next time it may never recover, so you have to do it when you do have the means and technology, including energy resources like oil, coal , gas and nuclear, of which we may run out of each not too long from now) and once you're stuck up in space living on a space station, you're forced to upkeep and maintain that technology. When the world runs out of oil (and by that I mean cheap oil, because you never run out of oil per se, just the economically recoverable oil part, so once the economics collapses), we may lose all the means to Fly me to the Moon, And let me play among the stars, Let me see what spring is like, On Jupiter and Mars.

Comment Re:Now thats incentive (Score 1) 564

Or the Jetsons with flying cars. Hey I'm still driving to work,not flying like the Jetsons, and with these gas prices, thinkin about downgrading to a 120 mpg 66cc gas bicycle, for the days when the weather is good. I think you know the change happened when the military robots get out of hand and kill everybody around you. Like in the movie Screamers, 1996. For any new technology, the military is always the first one to try it out - flying, nuclear power, etc, and especially intelligent robot soldiers. This is by far the biggest threat to humanity's existence in the coming centuries, the 2nd is biotech(or just bacterial evolution) getting out of hand (which you can solve by running away to living in outer space,) and everything else is piece of cake compared to these two threats, including the nuclear holocaust threat (which you can also easily run away from by living in outer space, but, learning from Chernobyl, and the radioactive animals living happily there, it's not such a big deal unless you really really contaminate up the world, even then it's not as dangerous as biotech.) Living in outer space, even if only a few hundred people, is mandatory in face of the biotech and nuclear threat, but there is no good answer, other than abstinence, to the artificial intelligence threat. Just don't fuck with it.

Comment Re:What about range on this smaller car? (Score 1) 247

Battery operated ones? How long do the batteries last on your electric mowers and weed eaters before needing replacement? 5 years? And how fast do they recharge? 10 minutes? I know I know, you're just sarcastic, and high power electric things, like electric mowers and electric clothes dryers all run off a power chord. Even electric trains all run off of a power chord, none of them are battery operated. Though a train could lug around a couple of these lithium ion battery pack freight cars, and drop them off at stations to get recharged. But it's cheaper for trains to just electrify the track, for now at least, until they can make the cost of battery plus recharging station cost less per mile than electrifying the track plus charging station for the track. It'd be nice if you could do with a car what you can do with an electric mower, and just drag an extension cord behind you where ever you're going. Or have many plug in sockets along the way, like each mile, plug in to one, go the mile, unplug, plug into the next one, go a mile, and the traffic going backwards picks up and takes the chords the other way. Your only problem would be circular statistical traffic patterns, where going one way is not the same as coming back. How about electrified highways with overhead power lines like tram rails and trolley buses. With a trolley bus you really gotta watch your driving or you rip the overhead cables down.

Comment Re:How fitting (Score 2) 333

I think it's not a disorder like ADHD or extrovert/introvert bullshit. Back in the old days people had to go to church, and sit for a whole friggin hour listening to the same exact stuff every single Sunday, except for 15 minutes in the middle somewhere, when the preacher did his preaching, and there was original content in it, variety. But that exercise teaches people to learn how to sit for 15 minutes and not shock themselves, but learn how to daydream. This story might have been better if they said 67% of males would rather shock themselves then sit a whole hour listening to boring Sunday mass at a Catholic Church. And no, the mass is not supposed to be an entertainment value, like a lot of English priests started getting desperate and telling jokes during preaching, just to attract more worshipers. Some people can make it really entertaining though, like Joel Osteen, but not everybody got talent like that. And it's okay.

By the way I myself used to go out into the woods all alone a lot, and was happy as I could be, all alone in the middle of nature, but it was not boring, there are lots of interesting details around you in nature, like rocks, plants, animals, some are harder to notice. I can't say the same thing of a rubber room absolute quiet solitary confinement in a prison cell, but that would only get boring after like 20 years, because you got all this stuff to think about that you never had time to think through, and it takes about that long to run out of new things to think about, unless you got a good book, mind boggling stuff like number theory, and then you never run out of ways to amuse yourself. And that kind of solitary thinking is what's required to write a good book. Mental thought digestion, mental thought masturbation, and thought vomiting unto a page. It's hard to write a good book while you're constantly talking to somebody else, and there is this idea in the business world that the greatest mindblowing thoughts and concepts arise from board room meetings and team brain storming. No, solitary brainstorming and slow letters to your peers, kind of like the correspondences in the days of Fermat, is what creates quality value and true innovation.

The only problem with these people is that nobody ever taught them the miracle of thinking by yourself, instead of constantly yadda yadda yadda running your cockgobbler talking with someone else. That's what women are supposed to do, constant yadda yadda yadda, and it's okay if they do it, back in the caveman days they were left at the cave and were constantly social interacting with children and between themselves, but the study finds the statistics backwards, the men are more than twice more likely to get bored out of their minds than the women. The men used to go off hunting or gathering, and were quiet a lot to assess danger and the situation, with nonverbal signs, or patiently waiting during a hunt for hours. Even as farmers going to the fields required creating a mental world for yourself and living in it, while the women stayed home back at the village talking to the children all the time. It's funny how in today's team-based society we end up with so many feminine males that constantly chit chat. I think they should repeat the study locking two people in the same room, and let them talk. I bet there would be almost no button pushing. Also letting them have their smartphone - zero self shocking! Unless it's interesting to shock yourself, for the curious, and then I'd do it myself too, just to explore, just to know more. So in that sense, the men are the danger seeking explorers and domain expanders, and it's ok if they shock themselves. It all depends on how interesting it is to a curious mind.

But in either case, if it's ADHD for extrovert activity and pushing the button, or autism for not pushing the button, there is a pill to correct the balance in either case, all you need is an expert with DSM-IV mental disorder evaluation chart to score you, and deem you 41% extrovert, 59% introvert, and then the correct dose of meds can be decided to make it a healthy 50/50.

Comment Re:Best DOS game... (Score 1) 133

1971-1976 top of the chart sitcom, All in The Family:

Archie bunker and union jobs and stay at home moms are not possible in today's economy of minimum wage, when it takes 2x minimum wage to sustain a household, but two people, a monogamous working mother and husband, might have been able to pull it off, if they got lucky and never got sick. Also with the divorce rate sky high, women are forced to become career women, but they don't have to take crappy treatment from their men by being dependent on them, but the kids suffer, and you end up with less and less quality workforce, because they are raised by the media and not by their parents, or at least their local priests.

Comment Re:Best DOS game... (Score 1) 133

By the way life is based on both a sort of ROM chip technology, called DNA, that mutates very slowly, and volatile RAM based technology, called the flu shot trainable immune system, and the volatile memory acquiring and forgetting brain. In the ROM area, the X chromosome, (the female being XX, the male being XY, and females almost never being colorblind because at least one of the X variation copies functions well) is critical, and contains all the basic functions of life, such as energy production, mitochondrial DNA and mutates extremely slowly, and successful variability in it has been carefully preserved in things like counting women as property and not killing them in a war but instead "looting them" and taking them with you (btw. a woman soldier with an Uzi or Kalashnikov or M16 is equalized to a male, and is not a noncombatant valuable property, or a "women and children first" above all property and male crew in importance "being," so her X chromosome variability will get X'd out pretty quickly.) The male is XY, and the wastable Y chromosome contains the brainpower and education, because mammalian human females get bogged down 9 months per offspring, and those that start at age 12 and 13 outcompete those that start at age 42 a few years before menopause in voting power (meaning all kinds of other power, mass presence power,) so a 12 year old female does not have the time to get a full college education in timewasting math and philosophy (she's still very good at psychology and english as mind control tools), instead she has to rely on the discardable 52 year old male Y chromosome who had another 40 years to get fully educated, to defend her, come up with new technology for her and think for her. A male reaches peak in sexlife at age 21, a female at age 30, but a female fully stops near age 45 (as she has to stick around with the baby, but a father is not necessary, or could be anywhere at the end of 9 months, let alone end of 20 years), while a male stays reproductive able til the end of his life (though there is a story of King David in the Bible, where in his old age they brought to him an absolutely gorgeous naked teenage girl, and he could no longer get it up anymore, even though he was very active in his youth (see this image )). Often the male is not available to help out raising the family, especially in a society where the divorce rate is over 50%. (So that leaves the female and the grandma on the mother's side of the family. Nobody cares about a child like his own mother and his grandma, and such separation was by far the greatest cruelty of the slavery in the US, and after the civil war the first thing people did was try to find old family members. Serfdom in medieval Europe did not separate families, even if the nobility landlords were free to enter the household and take 10% of everything they found as a military defense fee, and that included raping some of the female family members sometimes.) So the male is often not available. That is why the Pope sticks up for abstinence (yeah right, it's more like pretend-abstinence, as in don't openly discuss your masturbations with people you work with or your friends, and repress open social acceptance of sexual exuberance like gay/lesbian sex and marriage, even if it happens in the background, don't talk about it, especially not in a teletubby tinkie winkie is gay way, ma! what's gay mean?), monogamy (yeah, the father should stick around with one woman, unless he can keep his women from catfighting and living in the same larger households, like some men in Africa can pull it off, but monogamy is simpler, especially in an everyone is equal and equally broke way, polygamy is very expensive, see, and women should try to focus on being mothers from a young age, instead of higher education, and police and military service. That's what the Pope says. He's not always right, such as witch burnings at the stake during the Inquisitions.) Of course if she can team up with grandma, she can pop a baby at age 12, take a 1 year breastfeeding break, then continue her education, then pop another one, take another year break, continue education, etc., while the 45 year old postmenopausal grandma is raising the child as her own, and repeat the cycle like that, a grandmother mother team does not have to be dumb, and often "grandmothers" are not directly related by kin, they just find other girls women who need guidance. Which is what elderly women tend to do in their later years, they start owning the village and deciding life for everybody else, like who should marry with who, they set up all kinds of love traps, and giggle, etc. What's a post menopausal woman to do if she has no kids of her own? Manage the village, or next of kin (or in absence of a village structure in modern society resort to becoming a cat lady.) Like in the joke, there is this bachelor that the elderly women keep poking in the ribs at every wedding saying "you're next, you're next," and they only stop when he starts doing the same thing to them at funerals.

Comment Re:Over-reacting is required (Score 1) 148

I blame surveillance technology for it. I can't even pick my nose at a red light anymore, a camera is staring at me, for my own security. As the means of mass control, thought control become stronger, the guys in charge fear less and less or a rebellion and are willing to exercise stronger and stronger abuse of power and oppression. One of the great tools is smart phones and texting - as in can you imagine a Ukrainian-like social turmoil in the US without the authorities instantly knowing about it from everybody texting it? And whoever talks crap, like most of the nerds are Slashdot, can be surgically removed and disconnected from the rest? Freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the very first amendment? Yeah right, and yeah right for good reason, because even the declaration of independence says such political turmoil should not be taken lightly, rebellion and violence for no good reason is just a waste. The biggest problem with free speech is free speech to an uneducated public who can act like a mindless mob, and if you were talking to totally educated and self controlled individuals, acting in a Sartre-like responsible way, no amount of free speech thrown at them should be able to make them rebel unless they were willing to rebel even in the absence of it anyway, when they can form their own opinions regardless of what words are thrown at them. But as George Carlin says, promoting education is not in the interest of the powers that be, the powers that be just want people smart enough to push the buttons, but not smart enough to realize how badly they are getting screwed. By the way the only thing that cannot be taken from you is what you know, but in fact, even that can be taken, through memory erasing drugs or lobotomies. That's the ultimate battle frontier, the mind, not the body.

Comment Re:One slight problem with that ratio... (Score 1) 119

Also, suppose there was a big bang, and all matter started out as hydrogen at 3 K temperature. What's the equilibrium temperature when all the hydrogen is converted to Ni 62 or Fe 56? It's certainly no longer 3K, unless the conservation of energy does not stand. If there is such a thing as thermal heat death of the Universe as predicted by Thompson, (Lord Kelvin) and the 2nd law of thermodynamics, this equilibrium heat death may be of a very hot temperature, at which not the most stable nuclide would release the most free energy, i.e. not the most stable nuclide at 3K, but most stable at that hot temperature, and this may be neither Fe 56 nor Ni 62. If the 2nd law stands forever, that is, and is not violated by some Maxwell demon-like microprocess that goes on forever, that is a perpetuum mobile of the 2nd kind, without having to burn up and convert any more hydrogen to higher elements to keep going and going ad perpetuum. That could mean life ad perpetuum, meaning everlasting, permanent.

Comment Re:One slight problem with that ratio... (Score 1) 119

Actually the wikipedia page says, even though highest binding energy of all known nuclides per nucleon, Ni 62 per se is very rare, even amongst nickel, because of the difficulty of producing it by neutron capture. Fe 56 has the lowest mass per nucleon, and this whole thing is not a contradiction (lowest mass meaning lowest total energy, or highest binding energy) because when counting nucleons we confuse/confound neutrons with protons. Ni 62 contains a higher ratio of neutrons to protons than Fe 56, and as neutrons weigh more than protons, Ni 62 is higher mass per nucleon. According to the article, "the mass per nucleon of Fe 56 is 930.412 MeV/c2, Ni 62 is 930.417 MeV/c2, but if one looks only at the nuclei proper, without including the electron cloud, 56Fe has again the lowest mass per nucleon (930.175 MeV/c2), followed by 60Ni (930.181 MeV/c2) and 62Ni (930.187 MeV/c2)." The binding energy wikipedia page says that, because neutrons are higher energy than protons, it may be possible to convert Ni 62 back to Fe 56, but only under conditions where entropy considerations require that not the lowest energy states be the most occupied ones. Also the wikipedia neutron page says the decay energy of a free, unbound neutron is 0.782343 MeV but "When bound inside of a nucleus, the energetic instability of a single neutron to beta decay is balanced against the instability that would be acquired by the nucleus as a whole if an additional proton were to appear by beta decay, and thus participate in repulsive interactions with the other protons that are already present in the nucleus. As such, although free neutrons are unstable, bound neutrons in a nucleus are not necessarily so. The same reasoning explains why protons, which are stable in empty space, may transform into neutrons when bound inside of a nucleus."

So what is the most stable "death" of matter, Fe 56 or Ni 62? Which one has the lowest mass per "stuff", and counting nucleons is not a proper way of accounting stuff, it's like asking what has the lowest energy per energy invested, at, say the 3 Kelvin background temperature of the Universe, where entropy dictates the lowest states to be predominantly occupied (including a stable electron cloud), unlike in the core of a super hot supernova? Can anyone answer?

Comment Re:One slight problem with that ratio... (Score 1) 119

By the way nickel 62 is the ultimate symbol of death, the atom with the most binding energy per nucleon, and not Iron. I had a job where I extracted cobalt from nickel, and I was thinking this is how the world is gonna end, extracting high energy stuff from the low energy nickel 62 waste. Iron 56 is often cited instead of nickel 62, and it's close in binding energy, but not top, and more abundant because of units of 4, alpha radiation of helium atoms predominate as a unit in building up heavier elements, and 14x4=56, while 15.5x4=62. But nickel might be more abundant in the core of the Earth or in satellites than in the litosphere, probably because it's more noble or less reactive, it also only goes to divalent not trivalent as iron, so it turns to the metallic form easier and sinks deep easier.

Comment Re:This just illustrates (Score 1) 365

Sometimes life is good when you are a good slave. Like good food on the table every day, stuff to keep busy with every day - like a job, security and safety of good military protection so that no Dzhenghis Khan Mongols (commaded by Subutai on the western front, conquering the biggest empire yet in world history) run through your village and burn everything to the ground and kill everybody that moves, and pretty much empty the country out to the point of having to import people to fill it up when they had left. And by everybody I mean every man, not the women, or even children, because even the Mongols had that much human decency to carry off your gold, your grain, your horses, cattle, sheep, and your women, and children, all of them considered "chattle." If nothing else the women and children were sold for good money at the Kaffa slave trading markets in Crimea, and a lot of them end up in Venice or Genoa. That was in a day when women were objectified and considered property. Even today there is a Mad Tv Gangster Shop Quartet video on youtube where they sing: "you better have my money cuz you know I own that honey and her booty is on loan, and her booty I do own." Sometimes being owned, being property, such a thing keeps you alive. But in the USA we sing: "Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave." And it's kind of silly that, unlike in the rest of the world, official slavery was so prevalent while people sang that stuff. That's what you call hipocrisy. But sometimes the line between being a de facto slave or official slave is very blurred. How about a free and brave slave? Running your mouth on slashdot. Or running your mouth like Socrates and Diogenes in ancient Greece, pissing everyone off. Diogenes was captured by pirates and sold to Xeniades, when he told he only wanted to be sold only to someone who needs a master (he ended up being a tutor to his kids.) As in when you hire a doctor, you follow his instructions, you employ him to be your master, and if you don't pay him for it, then it's like slavery, where the slave is the master. And stuff like that.

Comment Re:This just illustrates (Score 1) 365

My health insurance is not 800/mo. My housing cost is not 700/mo, and still my biggest line item, even though Da Man is pissed why I don't move into something more expensive, and I'm like are you out of your mind, this is way too friggin much already. That's the major issue with the US today, housing cost is out of control, out of balance of what's sane. 100 years or so ago, a company started somewhere, a mini-town was sprung up around it, by the company having the houses built, and people could pay it up on 1 salary with a stay at home mom in like 3-5 years, on the salary the company paid them. The land around the company was empty, cheap, so why not, why not make it attractive to your workforce. Nowadays we got 40 year interest only mortgages. Insane. And I don't drive anything under 30 mpg if I can help it. I never had an unaerodynamic pickup truck, like it seems to be best seller these days. My numbers are made up when it comes to what I pay, but I have a very close relative who pays 800/mo for a 1 bedroom apt. Insane. And in NYC for a mouse hole you have to pay 1500/mo and get a roommate at that price. Insane. In my mind, in today's global economy and price competition, a 50 bux per month housing cost is reasonable, even that's too much. Hearing that all the bloodsuckers feeding off the housing market are gonna get frantic - banks doing mortgages that are sanctified into tax-law (as in if you already paid interest to Da Man via a mortgage, you get a 20-30% or whatever your taxbracket is discount on your taxes for it), real estate agents, construction companies, etc, A house is valued at 699,999 with a land value of 39,999. Really? How about land value is infinite, and that piece of shit contraption on it is worth 30K instead of 600K? How are construction companies and real estate brokers and banks and everybody gonna extract profit out of it, if you can't tag the temporary part, the just created out of nothing wooden house with a huge price tag, so everyone can profit on the "creation?" You could have a fixed but humongous price for land, without much fluctuation in the real estate market, unlike with the temporary house on top of it, that can rot to nothing and devalue, its prices is very open and unstable and fluctuate. But some people make an entire career living off of fluctuations in price.

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