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My health insurance is not 800/mo. My housing cost is not 700/mo, and still my biggest line item, even though Da Man is pissed why I don't move into something more expensive, and I'm like are you out of your mind, this is way too friggin much already. That's the major issue with the US today, housing cost is out of control, out of balance of what's sane. 100 years or so ago, a company started somewhere, a mini-town was sprung up around it, by the company having the houses built, and people could pay it up on 1 salary with a stay at home mom in like 3-5 years, on the salary the company paid them. The land around the company was empty, cheap, so why not, why not make it attractive to your workforce. Nowadays we got 40 year interest only mortgages. Insane. And I don't drive anything under 30 mpg if I can help it. I never had an unaerodynamic pickup truck, like it seems to be best seller these days. My numbers are made up when it comes to what I pay, but I have a very close relative who pays 800/mo for a 1 bedroom apt. Insane. And in NYC for a mouse hole you have to pay 1500/mo and get a roommate at that price. Insane. In my mind, in today's global economy and price competition, a 50 bux per month housing cost is reasonable, even that's too much. Hearing that all the bloodsuckers feeding off the housing market are gonna get frantic - banks doing mortgages that are sanctified into tax-law (as in if you already paid interest to Da Man via a mortgage, you get a 20-30% or whatever your taxbracket is discount on your taxes for it), real estate agents, construction companies, etc, A house is valued at 699,999 with a land value of 39,999. Really? How about land value is infinite, and that piece of shit contraption on it is worth 30K instead of 600K? How are construction companies and real estate brokers and banks and everybody gonna extract profit out of it, if you can't tag the temporary part, the just created out of nothing wooden house with a huge price tag, so everyone can profit on the "creation?" You could have a fixed but humongous price for land, without much fluctuation in the real estate market, unlike with the temporary house on top of it, that can rot to nothing and devalue, its prices is very open and unstable and fluctuate. But some people make an entire career living off of fluctuations in price.

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The real issue with Rayleigh self scattering of light is that it does not explain red shift. The energy has to go somewhere, something has to take it, unless a photon turns into a particle/antiparticle, it Rayleigh-scatters the photon coming behind it to a red-shifted frequency (scattering is a filtering, not a frequency-shifting like Doppler) then the particle/antiparticle emit in a laser-way another photon, then go back to their original state of a photon. In this way red shift would mean increasing the intensity of light while decreasing the frequency, instead of 2 photons that are, say, blue, you'd end up with 3 photons that are red, all with very close frequencies. I don't think the math could do that. By the way I never really got why in laser, a light of the same frequency triggers the spontaneous emission of inverted populations, in a pulse. Why? Why can't it be a light of higher or lower frequency that triggers the collapse? And if it's a triggered collapse, then how do continuous lasers, like the laser pointer on my keychain, work? Many triggered pulses in sequence? Or the semiconductor is just efficient in putting a lot of electrons into the high state? Why is one LED just an LED, of a definite nm wavelength light, another one a laser LED, with a similar nm wavelength, what makes one a laser but not the other? See, there is lots of stuff I don't know.

As far as the Dirac equation and the like goes, I know it modified the Schroedinger equation with special relativity, and because of the squared term, you had two solutions, plus and minus, and that's how the positron was discovered, and matter/antimatter in general. But still, it does not have any more info on wavefunction particle-like behavior, called collapse, more than the Schroedinger equation does. See light used to be thought of as electromagnetic waves, until Einstein explained the photoelectric effect via particles, that only particles can be counted as 1, 2, 3. I feel the particle description lacks richness, compared to a wave description, that spreads over the entire galaxy then collapses at a single point of interaction. It's like describing something as both scalar and vector, and the vector description is the "correct" one, because it has more features, and scalars are just a particular sub-case of vectors. When we model the world around us, we can come up with better and better models, but even as Einstein said it, some new theory may come and replace the existing ones, only relegating them to relevance through correspondence principle ways, such as Newtonian mechanincs, at low speed, corresponds to special relativity at low speed, and special relativity is just an extension of the rules for those special cases. All Plack derived is that energy is emitted and arrives in packets, not whether it's particles or waves, and as far as we know it, wave-packet is what he got. A wave packet can have a polarization attribute, just like a photon-wave-packet, but how do you assign polarization to the other de-Broglie wave things? De Broglie does not specify whether the waves are transverse or longitudinal, and for photons we know they are transverse, but what about the rest? The clearest evidence of waves being better descriptors with richer sets of features, better models, is the electron diffraction double slit experiment. The single electron whose wave function collapses at a single point on the screen, went through both holes, it knows about both holes on an individual basis, it self diffracts. You cannot explain such behavior with any kind of limited to a point in space particle feature, but a spread out all over the friggin universe wave that goes through both holes at the same time, then collapses the whole wave from the whole universe at a single point, seems like a fitting an suitable description. They shouldn't talk about particle science and particle physics, all you got it wavelet, wave-chunk, wave-quanta physics. It explains the photoelectric effect, polarization behavior of photons, it explains lots of things. Ultimately no model is perfect, but we need models in our heads about the world around us that help use predict. One of the most precious models in our heads is the conservation of energy, and by sticking to this "belief", this "model", is what allowed Fermi to invent the neutrino, to balance the books on conservation of energy. Feynman diagrams might have a retarding effect on the minds of everybody. And by the way the wave-quantum, wavelet modeling is not ultimate and definitive either, there are no such things as perfect models, but if it seems to be accurate enough, future revisions will have to be obey their own correspondence requirements with the present descriptions of quantum mechanics.

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Dam, I was half asleep writing that. Anyway, a drug company executive is not a bad idea to head the patent office, if you decide to have a patent office at all. In a post apocalyptic world patent policing and enforcement will be impossible anyway. Wait until we overgrow our limits and collapse, like Angkor Wat or the Aztec civilizations did. It happens to the best of the best too. I just saw the gas price dip back to 3.50's from near 4.00. Yeah, they are worried about bicyclization and motorized bicyclization. Which I'll have to do pretty soon to pinch pennies. Once I get an 120 mpg 66 cc gas motor on my bicycle, and make a commute that currently takes me 45 minutes at 60 mph in less than 2 hrs at 30 mph on a bicycle with a backpack, I'll have a method of transportation that can get me almost anywhere without needing car insurance, or even a driver's license. If really needed might have to limit speed to 20 mph, just to please the authorities who nitpick about 20 vs 30 mph, but they better limit this speed requirement to something like 5 mph, because it's coming. Especially when gas prices are over 5-8/gal. Check out this video How about this one, by the way electric bikes don't stink like lawn mowers, but they don't have the range of gas bicycles either, i.e. you can't commute to 50 miles with them. Bicycles make sense from the car repair standpoint too, it's like you can get a 500 dollar brand new super gas bicycle on the cost of a muffler job + brake job at the car repair shop. And that's when the repair guy can figure out what the heck the car chips are doing. The only problems with bicycles are rain and snow, but for rain I had a completely rainproof gear back in 07, and I never really got the chance to ride in snow much. So yeah, better keep the price of that gas under 4/gal, there is a whole lot at stake, including demand for gas, and sooo much of the economy goes into making cars, supplying cars, insuring cars, repairing cars, it's a major wallet sucker, that might simply go away past a tipping point. Life adapts.

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By the way the Inca's are the most fervent Catholics in the whole world these days. During Easter they reenact the crucifixion of Christ, by some people actually getting nailed to a cross and bleeding, and they get carried around like that on a procession. That bloody gore fits in line well with their ancient traditions of human sacrifices. Both the Inca's and Aztecs practiced human sacrifices up to the time of the arrival of conquistadors, and while the Aztecs as an empire disappeared from an economic collapse from overgrowing past their resource limits (just like Angkor Wat collapsed near VietNam), the people remained, scattered about in the jungle, living subsistence lives, without much complex science and technology or art or religion. The Inca's on the other hand were just done conquering the neighborhood, they were at the apex of their powers when they had the bad luck of the conquistadors arriving, bringing the "brotherly love" of Jesus on the cross to them, in the form of a sword. That's what you call hypocrisy, btw.

Comment Re:Classic Obama - you guy are naive indeed (Score 1) 211

Patents work like this: You have an idea? Don't publish it freely in the wide open for everyone to hear, instead come and apply for a patent at the patent office. Then they can show you their Bill-Marie, the patent attorney's hillbilly cousin with one eye and one tooth, from West VIrginia, came up with the exact same ideas as you 2 hours before you did, or you applied for a patent, and he beat you to do deadline by two hours, saying the exact things as you say. Which is why it's important to leave crucial details out of your patent, because if someone can understand it with eas , they kind of deserve to benefit.

And while we're at patents, a drug company executive has a lot more reasons to patent protect a drug invention, and he may not give a flying duck about math patents, untangible "innovations" with no real effect in the world..

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I never really played doom back in the day, my cousin went to the last level, so two years ago I get freedoom, and finish that, (it takes a good few weeks of afterwork time and weekends,) in windows (the freedos I had had a rudimentary version of freedoom, and no sound on a dell C840 laptop, but the win32 version had sound and all that. I left 4 snakes alive through all the levels, 2 with their backs in early levels who never shoot unless you walk near them, and you have an alternate route around them, and 2 blind ones, each in a different level, that you could get really close and look at, in late levels, and they scratch you if you get too close, but they don't shoot to a distance, like they went blind. Even amidst blood and gore and hate and enemies there is time to stop and admire beauty of life, even if enemy life, & protect noncombatants as either civilians or POW's, You leave 4 of them alive. That's like Alexander marrying an enemy woman, which is like that Mad TV episode of OJ Simpson on a date, "dangerous fun," same with Atilla, marrying an enemy woman. As in I've accomplished my life's goals and I don't mind dying. Or even if I have the capacity to stay alive, I'm not gonna do everything and everything to survive, and sometimes let other people decide it for me. If you finish doom without leaving any snakes alive, you end up all alone in the end. With 2 blind ones, the world is not so empty. I don't know about the ones with their backs turned, but otherwise fully able, if you ever meet them they prolly just kill you. Hmm. Hopefully they've had time to meditate over why they weren't killed, and might become friends with you. Kinda like Robert Redford in Jeremiah Johnson, in the end, after all the blood and gore, the native american waves to him from a distance. Blood and gore because someone walked through a sacred burial ground. Among other things. A native american has a lot of excuses to be angry at a white guy like Robert Redford. So, anyway, they say one of Solomon's faults was not exterminating his enemies fully, but, like letting the king go, or stuff like that. As in like that's a fault. As if that's agains't bible principles. True, stuff like that can later bite you in the ass bad. Not always though. There is a story about Thracians capturing an enemy king, and making him eat with his golden spoon when everyone else at the table ate with wooden spoons. To make a short story short, he ended up marrying his daughter to his enemies that didn't kill him, instead, told him, let's be friends. How nice and naive that is. Stuff like that is very much up in the air. Like, there is a nature video, I don't think I could find it, where a lion pride goes under when the males are exhausted from a fight with an invading pride, and an outsider lioness that joined the pride takes the 2 pups of the pride on a walk, and they turn up dead, and there goes the future, the hope of the pride, because they were not xenophobe enough. The story ends with the enemy pride moving in taking over the territory. Leaving noncombatant blind snakes alive in freedoom? Leaving combat able but with their backs turned snakes alive? How about leaving any POW alive in any war? Shouldn't you just kill any POW and exterminate the enemy, else they may bite you in the ass later? Like Richard the Lionheart executing the whole civilian population of Tyre. Making sure he don't get bitten in the ass later. Unlike Alexander or Attila, who are out of their freaking minds marrying and trusting enemy women. Well, it's like survival is important, but it's still an arbitrary rule. The Thracians could have killed the enemy king. Instead they lucked out by making a friend and a marriage of the princess into the tribe. But somehow it's not too hard to understand the natural tendency of racism and xenophobia that surrounds you every day. There is some good justifications behind it. Just don't trust your kids to an enemy babysitter, after all, your kids are your everything. Jesus said love your enemies. And that's what the Brits did at Trafalgar pulling any Spaniards from the water, they also had a really low POW death rate in the other wars, however, brotherly love this and that, they came up with the idea of paying the native Americans per scalp, so that sick idea did not come from the native Americans, but it was a simple and effective "proof" without having to carry the body. A lot of scalped white people stayed alive, some succumbed to infections, but their scalp was highly prized because the royalist Brits paid good money for it.

) So when I land in the nuthouse, a voice in my head says this is punishment for playing Doom. I swear I'm in some dream world, like Alien laid some eggs in me and wrapped me in a cocoon and monitors my thoughts, and it's like 3 billion years into the future from now, and she don't want me playing doom, instead get into number theory or quantum physics, she gets totally pissed when I waste my time on useless crap.

And by the way the powers that be like Microsoft are just realizing what a wonder DOS was, even if they hated Mr. Dr DOS, Gary Kildall, who actually did have a PHD in computer science, unlike Bill Gates who dropped out. So in order to resurrect it and sell it you have to kill the competition first, the most important being FreeDOS. The most important thing about DOS is the poweroff method is simply cut the power, or pull the plug on it. No shutdown bullshit. Which also means it's ready to be abused, the power to be cut on it, the military style fail-safe behavior shines, as soon as it's off, it reboots super quick. It used to be in a ROM-chip with QBasic back in the day. BIOS + ROM Chip DOS. ROM means read only memory. Cannot be tampered with, at least not easily. Like in windows, someone physically grabs my laptop when I'm away from it, and modifies files on it, operating system files. I'm fucked. If the basics were on a ROM chip, he'd have to desolder the 197 pins that it comes with, and install a rigged copy, displaying same serial numbers and such. Now you're talking computer security like it's meant to be, there is no such thing as pure absolute security, but only degrees of security.

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By the way the job itself is very safe, the only issue is hotheaded emotionalism. I am forced to work in teams, and I have never been good at working with people, and constantly putting up with their little issues and sensitivities, constantly walking on eggshells, and no matter what you do, you can't please people that don't wanna be pleased. I'm always happiest working alone.

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And by the way the only reason I buy health insurance at the temp agency, as I just realized the other day that I did sign up when filling out the application, so the only reason I haven't cancelled it, is because I work with maffiozos. Italian maffiozos back in the 1920s before the creation of the FBI to manage corrupt cops, they used to make their money by selling business insurance. As in walk into a bar or restaurant, and make an offer: 50% of your profits to me for a business protection insurance. Owner says he's not interested. Next day a bomb goes off in the restaurant, and he's told, see, you should have bought the business insurance, it would have protected you. I will eventually drop the health insurance, but I don't feel safe enough yet working with maffiozos ready to send me to the hospital and into bankruptcy - the risks of getting bombed are too high to where they forcibly make it worth it to buy health insurance, especially when they keep the present premiums very low for me, but I can see where it's headed, from the premiums my aunt had to pay.

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I pass way to many typos these days. Like piece/peace. Sometimes it feels like as I type below, somebody keeps changing the stuff I typed above. You can not trust these newer browsers with xmlhttprequest and html 4 dom not changing stuff on the fly for you, without a page reload, as you type.

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By the way, if light, as it travels, creates these Heisenberg uncertainty fluctuation particle/antiparticle pairs, why don't these particle/antiparticle pairs Rayleigh self-scatter light, as in one photon goes through this slowdown, and scatters the 2nd photon (or more exactly wave packet, wave quantum) coming right behind it? That could be part of the explanation of redshift of distant galaxies, as opposed to them running faster the farther away they are, creating this Big Bang picture, they might be sitting still and light simply traveling long long long distances self-scatters in a Rayleigh way and somehow coming out of the scattering it actually shifts the atomic emission band frequency down as opposed to just filter it? Can you pull off or eke out such an explanation? I really don't like the theory where very distant galaxies are running away faster than the speed of light from us, in our reference frame, and it's OK as long as our 3D Universe is a volume on a 4D sphere, stretching very fast, and locally, everywhere you still have limited speed of light.

And how do you describe particle antiparticle pairs as wave-antiwave packets? There may really not be such a thing as a particle, and everything is just a certain vibration of "ether", with specific rules of what kinds of vibrations are allowed, and how the vibrations suddenly collapse, and there is no such thing as a "transformation" of a photon into a million kind of particle/antiparticle pairs, but more like a vibration encountering an already present fluctuation, and interacting with it. Vacuum might have a structure that allows certain types of wave packets with definite rules and axioms that interact through collapses of the wave that spread over an entire galaxy, at a single nanosized point on a screen, and string theory might be beating around the bush, but it requires 26 or so dimensions rolled up, and Occam's razor is very eager to cut crap with 26 dimensions. Btw we can thank a lot of Occam's razor Through it we killed phlogiston, caloric, vis viva and ether as useless concepts. Phlogiston got killed by Lavoisier, Mr. Oxygen and his wife in 1778 (Jean Michel Jarre has an album titled Oxygen), "vis viva" got killed by Wohler in 1828 by making "organic" urea out of "inorganic" ammonium cyanate, organic materials previously thought to have require life-force, or vis viva to be created. Caloric (which, btw, was introduced by Lavoisier himself, such is science, you win some, you lose some, oh well) was killed by Joule in 1843, showing that heat is not a conserved fluid, but can be generated. And Einstein and his wife killed the concept of "ether" in 1905 based on the Michelson-Morley experiment trying to measure the speed of Earth through ether with unprecedented accuracy with a superb interferometer suspended on a pool of mercury in 1879 at Western Reserve University. When you had man/woman duos doing the work, as in Einstein or Lavoisier, it's probably impossible to separate the individual contributions of the two, and assign credit as credit is due, 35% going to one person, 65% to the other. By the way Lavoisier's head rolled during the French Revolution, because he made a living through the tax office, concocting even better ways to extort even more money out of the people. And during the guillotine sessions, when a whole lot of nobility family trees were instantly trimmed, before chopped some heads were told to keep blinking as long as possible after they are chopped, and they could do it for about 35 seconds before giving out. So even getting your head chopped is not instant death, and hanging is probably not so either, there is mental awareness, anguish and agony for at least 35 seconds. Lethal injection, preparing the inmate, tying him down, that creates a lot of stress right there, and probably the most humane way of execution is not telling a death row inmate when he's gonna go, gassing him in his cell/chamber with anesthetics, then without waking up, and creating mental anguish, lethal inject him under anesthesia. A lot of people are like yeah but when they committed a murder they didn't do that and deserve to suffer, so then you get into quantifying and measuring out doses of suffering on purpose for revenge purposes. Vlad Tepes' getting impaled on a stick, or George Dozsa's hot iron throne and crown execution, or roasting a knight on a spit before his children during the jacquerie, or being broken on the wheel, or poking spears into an iron maiden, are various ways to create and dispense accurate doses of suffering. So anyway, after Lavoisier's head rolled, his wife's (who btw he married at age 13 when he was 28, and was one of the happiest and most productive couples working for hours together in a lab), so his wife's scientific output dropped to zero. When it comes to Einstein and his wife, they ended up splitting upon publishing the General Theory of Relativity, her not getting enough credit in an age where Women's Suffrage, and feminism was rising, and Einstein's true scientific innovation dropped to near zero two, except some Einstein-Szilard refrigerator and such collaborations, and some "mein kampf" like my view of the world type writings. Of course there is no such thing as the bulk of the credit does not go to his wife, not at all, Einstein was an extremely smart fellow, the two are probably inseparable when it comes to giving credit, just like Lavoisier and his wife, but she was brought to Zurich from Serbia, as a woman in math and physics, in that time and age, for a reason. Later Einstein commented on how despicably she was addicted to dick, just like all women, but especially her, and after divorcing he married his own cousin, with whom he lived down a very happy life. She was stuck raising their 3 kids, one of whom was mentally retarded, and her literary output was of course zero, as in even if she tried publishing anything, good luck with that. There is this eternal tension between Einstein, a semite or a jew, and his wife, an aryan or post-macedonian-greek-like creature,(and Yugoslavia/Serbia might have been picked to be bombed for being ex-macedonian after George Carlin made his Bigger Dick foreign policy arguments (brown semitic dick being bigger than blue eyed aryan dick, in general) just to show that white people in America can bomb white people too, especially those whose chains are yanked by sending muslims taking over villages, into a Christian area with a longtime muslim Turkish invasion history), and even today Hannukah is a celebration of resisting hellenizing by a hellenistic Syrian king left over by Alexander, through a light that keeps burning, and every time I see jews praying at that wall in Jerusalem, they must be saying something along the revenge lines of how their ancestors can rest in piece now, as the Romans who committed this destruction, destroying the Temple of Jerusalem for the last time(now there is a muslim mosque on top, and it will not be destroyed to rebuild the temple), have to pay for it. And by the way, the Romans when putting down the rebellion against Caligula's wish to introduce the statue of the caesar into the Temple as 2nd God, they could have left the 300 or so people of Masada alone and just walk away, but no, they had to build a friggin ramp of a mountain with slaves for like a year to get to it. That's bullshit. Kill every last one of them? So now you get people like Tsarnaev's bombimg of Boston marathon's, which are aryan/greek symbols of turning point against the semitic persian invasion, and you can find the reasons in this line of thought of "why", "how can anyone do such a thing?", all you have to do is see his face to understand what motivates him. Some people hate olympics and marathons. Others hate churches and are unwilling to accept and bow to an external ego, called God, which they say well it's a semitic external ego, as in don't bow to me, but bow to my God, just like I do, and if you don't I have to kill you, or something like that, illustrating muslim mentality. And then we get into things like the Inca's moaning and whining at the conquistadors that they already have a name for their own God, don't take that too from them. People can never leave each other alone.

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Now I woke up, if I don't think hard I'm not that sleepy - so apropo blue sky, I had this thought right before falling asleep that don't we have evidence that the farther a star or galaxy is, the more red shifted they are? As in the more Rayleigh scattering the farther away they are, and we may not really see the blue sky as blue, but we can tell from a red shifted star that it lost a lot of blue ? But I know redshift is due to Doppler effect, and all the known spectral lines move, in unison, according to the Doppler formula, as opposed to just simply being selectively filtered out in a wavelength dependent way due to Rayleigh scattering, according to the Rayleigh formula, so no, the redshift is not due to extra stuff, but speed.

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10 to 1000 atoms per cubic meter is really deep vacuum and it means we could get interstellar travel by going really fast, continuously accelerating with a cyclotron drive to close to speed of light, say 80%, then turn to decelerating halfway there.

Your arguments are sound. A lot of stuff out there would mean a blue sky everywhere, as gases do Rayleigh scattering of light. And once you go past our atmosphere, the rest of the Universe is black, not blue, the blue sky disappears, therefore there is deep vacuum everywhere, or at least small particle free space, and then you have to invent something else that is particle free but present in vacuum and retards photons compared to neutrinos, such as gravity, or dark energy, or whatnot.

Photons interact a lot with "subspace" vacuum and get delayed, but neutrinos do not, or not to the same extent. If you're absolutely certain that neutrinos can oscillate, and there are different kinds that can turn into each other, then having two pulses does not make sense if they were both from the same event, as any different neutrinos should have oscillated into each other and be indistinguishable. One question, when we talk of photons, it's hard to talk about polarization, but we know light is a transverse wave and polarized. Obviously neutrinos have an associated wave-particle duality to them, just like everything else, and do we know what kind of waves they are? Longitudinal, or transverse? If they are transverse waves, then there could be neutrino polarization, and just like with light birefringence in a calcite crystal, where an incoming uniformly random polarized wave splits into a fast and a slow beam, based on polarization, so if the space between us and the supernova is anisotropic in any sense, such as gravity pointing in certain direction throughout, and neutrinos be polarized transverse waves, then there could be a fast and a slow wave with them, but not so with the light wave, unless they had polarized light receptors and have info on the polarization makeup of the light received vs. time (and this would be low intensity for a while, then intensity doubling when the slow beam arrives too and adds to the fast one, as light emission was continuous with a slow decay, but the neutrino came in pulses.) So if gravity affects the speed of light, and affects it in a birefringent way, it may also affect the speed of neutrinos, if they are transverse polarized, in a birefringent way too, and then none of the signals really arrived at the speed of light, but slower, as in a calcite crystal even the fast wave still has a reduced speed from true speed of light.

By the way I still don't comprehend the concept of how a uniformly polarized beam decides to split into two in a calcite crystal, instead of a spread spectrum, like how does a wave just below 44.9 degrees decide to go with one beam, then one at 45.1 degrees with the other beam, or is that the cutoff point, the math must be really complicated, but a lot of XIX century mathematicians well versed in such things would probably have no problem explaining why.

Also, looking at the double slit experiments, an electron is a wave that passes through both holes, then it decides to collapse at some point on the screen, how does a wave decide to become a particle, or even if not a particle, an interaction, in effect we have no particles, just waves, and they interact at given points, sometimes within very strict limits on location, such as a particle trace in a cloud chamber, sometimes in very random locations, such as where an electron collapses on a screen after having passed through a double slit. Many double slits in series of course would confine the electron to a linear path too, just like a cloud chamber cloud does, if the electron found a way to not interact with the walls in series, a sort of filtering effect. One that interacts with the wall off angle through diffraction then changes its mind and returns to being an electron on the original straight path, would be like the particle going through the cloud chamber, leaving a trail along its path, as only the electric charged ones leave a trail, but electric field interactions can be thought of as Feyman interaction particle exchanges, not as a continuum, but interaction particle abundance with a certain probability function description, and so can other "field interactions" like gravity through gravitons. There is different ways of looking at the same problem, and, like descriptions of the same phenomenon of heat transfer through flow of caloric and kinetic molecular theory both work until we find a fault with one of the descriptions, such as caloric can be generated by mechanical motion, and is not a conserved quantity, so it has no use as a concept compared to mechanical motion being heat. In the wave-particle duality there might be a similar debacle where one concept does not fit with reality, and things such as particles might have to be abandoned, and everything be thought of as a wave that decides to collapse and interact and whatever point it decides to do so, and the best description we have of where it decides to do so is a quantum statistical one - but there might be a way to measure and predict why and where such a things should and would happen, even if not practically - but at least in concept. As in practically would require measuring on the order of 10^23 atoms, and even so it's not the atoms doing it, but something in subspace vacuum that fluctuates, We don't really understand the structure of vacuum.

I can barely keep my eyes open again. Still haven't read up on neutrino detectors

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The best solution to any problems the world faces is not rules, regulations, but technology. You have to make the price of running nuclear (or even renewable) origin liquid ammonia fuel cell powered vehicles that emit no organic carbon scents low enough to compete. By the way, I never got a chance to respond to another slashdot posting, citing sodium metal, and sodamide as an economic way to crack ammonia back to its elements, citing ruthenium, the most efficient catalyst, is too costly. Well, hello, as far as I know the Haber-Bosch process uses reduced iron oxide catalyst, and one of the prime rules of catalysis, is that a catalyst does not change the equilibrium constants, it only lowers the activation energy, the temperature required for a process to happen, and whatever catalyst is best at driving a reaction forward, is usually also the best in driving it backward, so why you need to mess with sodium metal or ruthenium when you can just use simple Haber-Bosch catalyst? If a hydrogen-nitrogen mixture is what you're after, but that mixture may not be a well combusting one, as the extra nitrogen might dilute the combusting air mix to below the explosive limit. I'm too lazy to look it up now, let's just say ammonia is not combustible, and even if cracked ammonia is combustible, the situation is similar to adding 10% ethanol to gasoline giving you less miles than if you just bought 90% straight 100% gasoline, and ran with that, being a Carnot-cycle high temperature achieved efficiency issue. In fact running pure oxygen from a cylinder plus straight gas gets you much better mileage than running air plus gasoline, and similarly, running pure oxygen and pure hydrogen into a car engine is much more efficient, than running air and hydrogen, let alone running air and cracked ammonia hydrogen+nitrogen. The energy in ammonia is there, you just have to know how to get to it, and combusting it is not the answer, but fuel cells can get the 60% efficiency per gram of hydrogen supplied, almost irrespective if diluted or not with hydrogen, while an internal combustion engine has to heat the inert nitrogen too. (Stirling cycle engine-like copper-gauze recouperators can be used to recover nitrogen waste heat from a fuel cell, but recouperators don't really have a place inside an internal combustion piston, the deadweight of extra nitrogen there directly driving down the high temperature achieved during explosion number of the Carnot cycle efficiency formula, devastating the efficiency numbers.) Of course the best solution is a hybrid, one that has a lithium ion battery that'll take you 5-10 minutes on a commute, and if you run out of that, then the ammonia fuel cell kicks in, but you can probably not make a fully electric car economical and have a long driving range of hours and hours too. Unfortunately for a fuel cell iron catalyst probably does not work well, as it has to be something that allows the hydrogen through the metal, and ionization of it at the interface, such as a platinum or palladium coating on a proton conductor such as a Nafion membrane. However, microholes in an iron membrane similar to those developed for micron filtration via electron beams, or a nanothin film of iron oxide reduced to iron, or mixture of nickel-iron, such coatings might work well enough instead of platinum. Carbon black and charcoal are typical replacement in catalysis where platinum is unavailable, so simply carburizing the nafion membrane surface with a flame or some similar plastic that chars better than nafion might work, also adding iron or nickel or cobalt or whatnot compounds to the surface can get you a platinumless low temperature fuel cell. You're also talking a nano-thin film of platinum, and the amount is so small, that, say 80 bux may cover a dozen square meters, and that's not too high a cost when you consider new car costs are never under 10 grand anymore. For a moped or 2-cycle engine gasoline bicycle you could probably not afford a liquid ammonia handling fuel system at say 50 bux platinum plus 5 cubic feet of fuel cell, which is too big to lug around on a bicycle, but no problem for 50 cubic feet of light fuel cell membranes in a car, mostly underbody. Low temperature fuel cells are preferred, but in need high temperature solid oxide fuel cells would work without any catalysts, in low fuel cell volume per horsepower, but the problem is that the yttria stabilized zirconia ceramic solid oxide conducting ceramic membrane cracks like any ceramic on thermal cycling, and needs frequent replacement, just like the zirconia oxygen sensors in your car, imagine having to replace your fuel cell, the heart of the car, every time you had to replace an oxygen sensor. Intermediate temperature molten phosphates may also work, with gentle catalysts, but the potassium hydroxide fuel cell as used on the Shuttle is extremely sensitive to any kind of impurities in the fuel, such as carbon dioxide, or other impurities, but it made economical sense on the Shuttle because ultrapure hydrogen and oxygen could be guaranteed there, but usually it does not make economical sense anywhere else, especially if your oxidizer is air, which is what it is, as no car is gonna carry ultrapure liquid oxygen around just to run a KOH alkaline fuel cell (and imagine the accidents in liquid oxygen spilling gas stations, with ammonia at least you hold your breath and run, but liquid oxygen is cooooold, and requires constant boiling bleed-off to keep cool, and it can explode with huge force if the temperature cannot be held cold, while liquid ammonia does not need to be kept cold while liquid, the pressure is very moderate.)

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