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Comment Re:The problem is with software distribution (Score 1) 187

"The big point why this is so important is that computers are now extensions of your brain. This means the software running on your computer influences how you think."

True. From the moment computers became easily portable and always connected, we have almost the equivalent of unlimited memory. Even if you don't remember or know something, it's probably a few touches (the new term for 'clicks') away. I wonder what will come after the smartphones... wearable computers anyone? :)

Comment We just need an entry to the 'Net. (Score 1) 187

I use my desktop for gaming and serious data manipulation, my laptop for everything else (video, communicating, office work, etc). I don't have a tablet yet, but I can see it substituting all my other uses, minus the most CPU-intensive. If a tablet can do this, newer generation smartphones can do it as well. Computing power goes up, the only limit is the physical limit which makes it difficult to enter data and watch it comfortably.

But for most casual PC jobs (e-mailing, tickets, show times, etc) smartphones are already great. And if your tablet can fit in your backpack, your smartphone can fit in your pocket!

Comment EU Extends Music Copyright to 90 Years (Score 5, Funny) 536

MrSteveSD writes

"The copyright on sound recordings by the Beatles, Rolling Stones and other famous bands was due to expire in the next few years. However, the EU Council has now scuttled any such hopes. The copyright term has been extended from 70 to 90 years with life-supported rockers expressing their delight."

(Slashdot 2031)

Comment Re:Medicine more than matching symptoms to pills (Score 1) 291

You throw "psychosomatic" around as if it explains something, and it does, but you probably don't appreciate that it's the tool that you use with EVERY patient. Did you see the recent story that says placebos can work even when the patient is told they're getting sugar pills? It's all in the language that the doctor uses and the expectations that he has.

It explains a hell lot if you were an expert or physician. It's a totally different league of diseases that need counseling and psychotherapy. The placebos and nocebos and various other phenomena simply make this case even stronger. If it can be fixed with a placebo then it probably could be fixed with anything that empowered the patient and his beliefs. From black magic to prayer.

Just don't try to treat a REAL situation (say: a septicemia) with placebos... :-/

Comment Re:Medicine more than matching symptoms to pills (Score 1) 291

Everything that is explained scientifically, it becomes mainstream medicine. Look at acupuncture. Before knowing what kind of molecules and receptors are in its workings, we were thinking of energy gates and chi meridians. You could believe whatever you want, whatever works (actually), the thing is: if you need the fairy tail story to fix your medical problems it's ok with me, as long as you don't pay* too much about it.

*of course this goes mostly to countries in the EU that have a public health system

I insist that I don't contradict myself. I just say that psychosomatic diseases have a different approach.. Counseling and psychotherapy are much better tools than expensive MRIs and cortisone pills.

Comment Re:Medicine more than matching symptoms to pills (Score 1) 291

I don't contradict myself. I'm just saying that if it's not organic (meaning: real tissue damage treatable with conventional medicine/surgery/pharmacology), then anything you have faith in might help. From an amulet and a friend even to "spending" loads of money on a crook. And everything in between according to the person.

I'm not implying that psychosomatic maladies AREN'T real diseases. They are. They just need different handling. Chiropractors are not doctors. They are certified masseurs, at least here in Europe. If you only need a good poking or massage just ask your friend, spouse, whoever. The important thing here is NOT to spend loads of money for supposed alternative medicine.

If it worked for real, it wouldn't be alternative, it would have been conventional.

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