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Feed Ancient Etruscans Were Immigrants From Anatolia, Or What Is Now Turkey (

The long-running controversy about the origins of the Etruscan people appears to be very close to being settled once and for all, according to a leading geneticist. He describes strong evidence that the Etruscans, whose brilliant civilization flourished 3000 years ago in what is now Tuscany, were settlers from old Anatolia, now in southern Turkey.

Feed DTR's PDR DVD writer heaps on DRM when burning (

Filed under: Home Entertainment, Storage

Sure, there's been more than a few attempts to offer up DRM-laced burns, and while the overall success level is certainly debatable, DTR is giving the whole secure writing thing a go anyway. The company, which specializes in making sure that content guardians rest easy, has announced a two-faced DVD burner that can write both normal, non-protected discs or "burn secure downloaded content." Apparently, the Protected Disk Recorder (PDR) will arrive in an external flavor that can connect to "PCs, game consoles, and more" via USB, and while it can reportedly add-in whatever flavor of protection the manufacturer wants, DTR also states that its new device can "provide additional access control functions which further enhance the security of downloaded media." Currently, we've seen no details in regard to price or the actual target market, but if history continues to repeat itself, this is just another layer of DRM waiting to be cracked. [Warning: PDF read link]

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Feed Schools' Shortsighted Give-Em-Laptops Plans Failing (

There's been plenty of talk over the years about how computers will replace textbooks in the classroom and how students will just look stuff up online instead of having to tote around books. A fair number of schools give students laptops, but now, some of those programs are being stopped because they're not having any positive impact on students' education. That's not very hard to believe, since it sounds like many of the programs cited in the original article basically just threw laptops at students, and made very little effort to work them into the curriculum in a meaningful way. This point has been clear from the outset: simply giving kids computers (or people in developing nations, as with the $100 dollar OLPC) isn't going to do much. Computers, internet access and other technologies should be seen as useful tools, not silver bullets for education. Making them available is too often seen as a quick fix by politicians and administrators, but not creating some sort of plan around them essentially ensures long-term failure once the shine of being oh-so-high-tech wears off.

Submission + - a slashdot style site for regular news?

OiToTheWorld writes: "Having been reading slashdot for a while now, I find I really enjoy the format and moderation system and debate, however, there are many things that get left out because, obviously this is a tech site. My question is: is there a site out there with a slashdot type format that focuses on international news, world events, and politics?"

Submission + - Microsoft starts selling Linux??

antibios writes: Microsoft and Novell says Dell has agreed to buy Suse Linux Enterprise Server certificates from Microsoft and that the computer maker will set up a services and marketing program aimed at getting users of open-source platforms to switch to the new Suse Linux offering. oft-Novell-to-push-Linux/2007/05/07/1178390206427. html

Submission + - Aussie software pirate extradited (10yrs jail)

Watertowers writes: BEFORE he was extradited to the United States, Hew Griffiths, from Berkeley Vale in NSW, had never even set foot in America. But he had pirated software produced by American companies. Now, having been given up to the US by former justice minister Chris Ellison, Griffiths, 44, is in a Virginia cell, facing up to 10 years in an American prison after a guilty plea late last month. rate-extradited/2007/05/06/1178390182639.html
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Steve Jobs highest paid CEO - $646 Mil

Whiney Mac Fanboy writes: "Fans of Apple CEO Steve Jobs are quick to point out that he is only paid a $1 salary for his role at Apple. However, according to Forbes he's the highest paid executive in the US — to the tune of 646 Million dollars for 2006. From the article

Forbes said the highest-paid CEOs were not always those that delivered the most to shareholders.Forbes said by its analysis, Apple's Jobs was 36th. Topping the list was John Bucksbaum of General Growth Properties, a real-estate investment trust. Over the past six years, Bucksbaum was paid $US723,000 a year while delivering a 39 per cent annual return to shareholders.
I wonder how much of that $646 Million was from improperly backdated options?"

Feed Uber-slim G4 Mouse slides away in your PCMCIA slot (

Filed under: Laptops, Peripherals

Under normal circumstances, a palm-sized mouse with a built-in wireless transceiver is about as portable as it gets, but the G4 Mouse just showed all the other guys how a mobile mouse should be constructed. The uber-slim mousing instrument folds perfectly flat in order to fit in your PCMCIA slot when not in use, and when you're all settled, it pops out, ejects a USB cable, and folds into a more ergonomic position for all your mousing needs. Additionally, the slot card mouse comes in pink, blue, and silver colors, and it appears that you can even get a matching pouch if say, a 120GB hard drive is already occupying your PC Card slot. The 800 DPI mouse boasts a left / right click and a touch-sensitive scroll wheel, touts Windows compatibility, and will run you a respectable 46,500 (or about $50). Click through for a couple more snaps.

[Via CacheYourCash]

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The Internet

US, Asia, Europe Ceding Web Dominance 123

An anonymous reader writes "A new study shows that presence of the US, Asia, and Western European countries on the web is strongly declining. Newly internet-empowered countries are booming; many geographical regions are showing exponential growth, including Eastern Europe and South America. Chris Harrison explains: 'Countries that have never been able to place a website in the top 500 are now pushing dozens of established websites out of this prestigious list. This trend is both recent (within the last two years) and accelerating. Interestingly, Asia is seeing it's presence eroded the fastest, especially China.'"

Feed Microsoft lawyer whines about Apple's DRM complaints (

Filed under: Portable Audio, Portable Video

The gloves have long since been removed in the battle war between Cupertino and Redmond, and while we wouldn't deem this a direct hit, it's a mighty blow to gut regardless. Microsoft's general counsel and executive vice president Brad Smith has apparently decided that whining about whiners is the best approach to garner public support, as he mouthed off to reporters and suggested that Apple should just shut its trap in regard to the limitations of DRM, and in a completely unrelated addition, claimed that sales of the iPod should be good enough for that oh-so-greedy corporation. More specifically, Mr. Smith claimed that he wasn't a "big believer in just blaming the music industry for Apple's inability to sell every conceivable iPod," but contradicted himself ever so slightly by insinuating that Apple should leave well enough alone and enjoy the profits the player is already pulling in. Is it just us, or do you sense this vibe of bitterness mixed in there somewhere, too?

[Via GizmoNews, picture courtesy of Worth1000]

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Is DVORAK Gaining Traction Among Coders? 559

coderpath asks: "At a recent Seattle Ruby Brigade hack night someone asked how many people used the DVORAK keyboard layout. Out of 9 people, 7 used DVORAK and only 2 were using QWERTY. I personally made the switch last Christmas, after 25 years of typing with QWERTY. What do you use? Have you switched to DVORAK? Have you been wanting to make the switch? Has anyone else noticed an increase in adoption of DVORAK lately?"

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