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Comment This should be so simple... (Score 4, Interesting) 172

It amazes me that the US can't get their elections done right. They have the technology to power the worlds most important financial systems, to pilote a drone on the other side of the world and beat any given human in a game of chess. WHY THE ##CK haven't they managed to come up with a voting system that's rock solid, transparent, secure and dependable?!? Why is that even a hard thing to do?

Heck, I think even _I_ could design such a system:

- Buy a standard issue PC with a standard issue laserprinter
- Make a simple voting program
- Give every voter a Live CD with a unique hard coded serial.
- The CD is inserted under the supervision of election workers, and the PC is booted up.
- The voters goes behind the curtain where they find a screen, a mouse and a printer.
- The voter casts his/her wote. The vote and the unique ID is stored on the local HD, and two coppies is printed out on paper.
- The voter comes out, ejects the CD AND KEEPS IT, and puts one paper vote in a ballot box. Keeps the other copy.
- The computer is powered down before the next vote.

This way one can always check the DB against the paper ballots afterwords. AND: Every citizen who thinks the election has been tampered with can A: Review the software on their CD. B: Check the official "election website", punch in the unique ID from the CD/paper coppy and verify that it's registered correctly.

This is not complex, this is not expensive, this is not difficult, and as far as I can see; this is practicaly fool proof given a certain degree of random manual chek of wotes. (To eliminate the factor involving electorial workers doing nasty stuff to the PCs etc.)

Or am I over looking something here...?

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