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Comment Re:Look over here, look over here! (Score 2, Insightful) 479

I don't think it's a matter of ignorance alone. It's ignorance and callousness. There's a certain breed of conservative who doesn't even try to had their underlying pathology. They're damned proud of it. They're the kinds of guys who buy small arsenals and fortresses in the hills and masturbate to the idea of an apocalypse where they get to shoot anybody in sight and declare themselves king of their domain.

Comment Re:Look over here, look over here! (Score 2) 479

Oh bullshit. The world's largest economy could afford to basically arm its allies in a world war. The world's largest economy could fund a pointless decade in Iraq.

Don't blame the "liberals" (who are hardly the only ones responsible for the debt), and don't act like the United States, if it had the will to do it, could make significant strides. After all, whatever the economy is being banged about with now, in a hundred years will seem laughable.

Comment Re:Look over here, look over here! (Score 4, Insightful) 479

I see. So your solution is to simply ignore the ecological catastrophe, fuck future generations (and even some current populations) and live with the consequences of a perfectly avoidable disaster.

In a way, you're even worse than the denialists. You have adopted an ideological position and have decided that maintaining it should trump any change in human behavior.

Comment Re:Freeman Dyson (Score 4, Insightful) 479

He's a physicist, not a climatologist. He certainly would be better in some respects at assessing the models, but nowhere near as competent as, oh, I dunno, a climatologist. On the flipside, if a climatologist starts making grand declarations about quantum electroydnamics, I'm sure I'd be turning to Dyson for a rebuttal.

Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 0) 490

Translation: I'm a whiny little bitch boy who doesn't want to face up to what we're all doing to the planet, so I'll use words like "Nazi" and "anti-business", because I lack honor, adult coping skills and jeezus christ basic intellectual capacity,.

Look, you fucking moron, do you think that the universe gives one flying fuck about your fucking ideology? Do you think AGW hinges on whether it feeds into your notion of ccapitalism, you fucking halfwitted toad excrement?

Comment Re:No change in number, just different wording (Score 1) 490

Once again, the psuedo-skeptics will play a clever etymological and semantics game to try to make it sound as if science is saying one thing, when it's actually saying something else. It's so typical of the pseudo-skeptic movement to simultaneously declare climatologists morally bankrupt communists out to destroy poor whttle oil companies while they take every word uttered by climatologists out of context to try to declare that climatology now rejects AGW.

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