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Comment Toward Egan/Wolfram Territory (Score 2) 182

I.e., the idea of the entire universe as constituting some sort of universal computational substrate.

The idea is probably wrong, mainly because every "my conception of the fundamental nature of the universe based on just discovered science" is wrong, due to the time-bound nature of our perceptions.

Comment Lower Wages for Gourmet Chefs? (Score 4, Interesting) 674

That depends on one question: Can we replace them with illegal aliens?

Because the political establishment, along with business interests, have decided that a permanent underclass of illegal alien workers is just fine with them. This in turn has depressed the wages on labor-intensive jobs while making welfare a more attractive option than work for many.

The unwillingness to enforce border controls has probably cost more Americans jobs in the last 20 years than any technological advance.

Submission + - Romanian Science Journal Punked by Serbian Academics

schwit1 writes: A group of Serbian academics, disgusted with the poor state of their country’s research output, have scammed a Romanian science journal by getting it to accept their completely fabricated hoax article.

The paper is replete with transparent gimmicks — obvious, that is, had anyone at the publication been paying attention — including a reference to the scholarship of [singer Michael] Jackson, Weber, [porn star Ron] Jeremy and citations to new studies by Bernoulli and Laplace, both dead more than 180 years (Weber died in 1920). They also throw in references to the “Journal of Modern Illogical Studies,” which to the best of our knowledge does not and never has existed (although perhaps it should), and to a researcher named, dubiously, “A.S. Hole.” And, we hasten to add, the noted Kazakh polymath B. Sagdiyev, otherwise known as Borat.

Their paper is hilarious and completely ridiculous, and yet it was published in a so-called serious journal without question. The best part is that they list Alan Sokal’s hoax paper from 1996 as one of their sources.

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