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Submission + - Romanian Science Journal Punked by Serbian Academics

schwit1 writes: A group of Serbian academics, disgusted with the poor state of their country’s research output, have scammed a Romanian science journal by getting it to accept their completely fabricated hoax article.

The paper is replete with transparent gimmicks — obvious, that is, had anyone at the publication been paying attention — including a reference to the scholarship of [singer Michael] Jackson, Weber, [porn star Ron] Jeremy and citations to new studies by Bernoulli and Laplace, both dead more than 180 years (Weber died in 1920). They also throw in references to the “Journal of Modern Illogical Studies,” which to the best of our knowledge does not and never has existed (although perhaps it should), and to a researcher named, dubiously, “A.S. Hole.” And, we hasten to add, the noted Kazakh polymath B. Sagdiyev, otherwise known as Borat.

Their paper is hilarious and completely ridiculous, and yet it was published in a so-called serious journal without question. The best part is that they list Alan Sokal’s hoax paper from 1996 as one of their sources.

Comment It's a $4-9 Billion Option (Score 4, Informative) 101

Apple could do it, but it's a very expensive bet.

TSMC spent $9.4 billion on their latest 300mm fab, and it will be running pretty much 24/7/365 for many, many years. And if Apple broke ground tomorrow, it's still likely to be 3 years before the fab is fully built, equipped, staffed, qualified, and running at full speed. Unless Apple is sure it can get chip volume high enough to achieve real cost savings, it's probably not worth doing.

And by then the industry might have started transitioning to 450mm.

Apple is one of the few companies in the world who could drop that much out of actual cash-on-hand without blinking, but it's a very risky bet with potentially a lot more risk than reward.

Submission + - The Film Event of the Year: SHARKNADO

Nova Express writes: Tonight, the long wait is finally over, as one of the most anticipated movie events of the year, if not the century, makes it's debut. I'm speaking, of course, about Sharknado . It premiers tonight at 9 PM ET on the SyFy Channel, though its direct to TV debut will deprive it of all its rightful Oscar nominations. In other Sharknado related news, Moe Lane wonders if people have prepared themselves spiritually for the glory that is Sharknado ("After 100 years of filmmaking, we’ve reached the summit...recognize the divine when you’re in its presence"), and here's a look at the geniuses at The Asylum who produced this masterpiece of modern cinema. Trailer below the fold.

Comment Maybe they should move out of Silicon Valley (Score 1, Insightful) 432

One reason there aren't many jobs for older people there is that there aren't many new jobs in California, period. Companies are moving out of high tax, high cost states like California to low tax, low cost states like Texas.

Texas is still hiring people of all ages for high tech jobs. Austin has startups, giants, and government jobs (though you won't get the ridiculous, bankruptcy inducing pensions unionized California's state employees get), and Houston and Dallas have high tech and oil and gas (lots of hardware and software engineering jobs that pay very well). And the cost of living here is radically lower; someone who makes $50,000 a year here can easily afford a house.

If things suck where you are now, maybe you should move someplace things don't suck.

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