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Comment Why read if the first line is a lie? (Score 1) 307

Why would I even read the link if the first line of is an obvious, lazy, over-generalized lie?

"Over the last decade, just three companies — Google, Apple, and Facebook — have generated most of the new ideas and most of the business momentum in the world of computing."

Only a moron who's view of computing comes from the pages of Time magazine would make such a pathetic, sweeping overgeneralization ignoring the vast innovations that have been happening in the wold of computing, driven by thousands of innovative startups. Linux, cloud computing and a dozen other area have thrown up a wide variety of innovations that have nothing to do do with those three very important (well, two very important, plus Facebook) but overhyped companies.

Comment Ireland Didn't Practice Real Austerity Either (Score 1) 476

Ireland which went through some severe austerity

Except it didn't. "Ireland recorded a Government Budget deficit equal to 7.70 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product in 2012." And it was as high as 30.9% in 2010. Now, if you want to argue it was foolish to bail out Anglo-Irish Bank, that's a different argument.

Which part of "Real austerity is cutting spending until outlays match receipts" was unclear?

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