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Comment Re:Yet Another Reason Not To Fly (Score 1) 342

Most of these complaints are bullshit. They are choices you make. Don't want to pay for parking at the airport? Take a cab. Don't want to pay a lot for airport food? Bring snacks. Don't want to pay for wifi? Don't pay for wifi. Don't want to pay for a pillow? Bring one.

Then there are just the whiny ones - "OMG, I had to wait 15 mins for a shuttle! Don't these people realize how important I am?"

And, of course, there are the very rare ones that almost never occur during your trip. In over 20 years of extensive international travel including throughout Africa and the Middle East, I've never had anything stolen from my luggage and it's only been misdirected/delayed a handful of times (and never actually "lost").

So, if these whiny complaints are worth days of your time to drive from New York to LA, or New York to Brasilia, then clearly you have too much time on your hands.

Comment Re:Niche languages? (Score 1) 224

I'm not saying it's good or bad, I'm just saying he is grossly misinformed if he thinks Python is a niche language. It's used by huge sites and from what I've seen has replaced Java as the language most used to teach programming.

His whole point was that you'd be better off learning C (seriously, wtf?) and then C++ than Python, and I think that's just demonstrably not true across the board. Sure, there are still lots of areas where a language like C++ is superior, but for the vast majority of people looking to learn programming, Python is a much better choice and increasingly in high demand.

Personally, I use R, but I'm mostly a data analysis geek.

Comment Naturally (Score 1) 110

This makes perfect sense because of course the part of shooters that people are most interested in accurate simulations of is the part where you suffer excruciating pain and spend months in the hospital recuperating. If you want total realism, every time you buy a copy of Modern Warfare 2, it should self destruct after you are killed the first time, forcing you to go out and buy another, bringing home the terrrible cost of war. Yeah, right...

Comment Jury system doesn't work anymore (Score 5, Interesting) 238

The jury system was great back when the most complicated thing they had to make judgements on was whether or not a stolen horse had an altered brand - and they all worked with horses.

Today we are asking 12 average joes to make life and death decisions about evidence that even highly trained people would find difficult to follow. The Enron finances, DNA evidence, whether or not some highly technical piece of code is "obvious". This is why juries ignore mountains of technical evidence in favour of bullshit like "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit".

I don't know what the solution is, but I do know I don't want Tom, Dick and Harry sitting in judgement on my patent lawsuit.

Comment And I guarantee you a 20% return (Score 1) 275

Listen, mutual funds a mugs game. You want to get in on the real investing. Open Source is where it's at. I'm managing a lot of peoples' money in the Open Source derivatives market, but I like you so I'll squeeze you in. Minimum investment is $100,000 but I've delivered consistent 20% returns to my clients over the last decade, as these complicated 1000 page spreadsheets will show. Really, if you aren't inversting in Open Source, you might as well be lighting your money on fire.

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