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Comment Re:Ironic? (Score 4, Interesting) 336

Are we really this dumb as a society? It's *supposed* to be public. Either it is intended to work while still publicly disclosed or it's a decoy. Of course it could be a test, someone could have forgotten to classify it, or any number of other things could have happened. Just because it is stated that it's to prevent leaks, doesn't mean they want to prevent it from being leaked. Our leaders are often smarter than you give them credit for (and yes, they are often dumber, too).

Comment Re:Here Comes Idiocracy (Score 1) 266

I concur. I ran pizzas when younger (and would do again). Back when I did it we had a dummy terminal that used all sorts of two letter codes to manipulate the software that had nothing to do with the order. Extra Horse Shit may have been abbreviated as 2H, which someone mistook for double ham. Then we would get a call and the guy was all irate stating how he doesn't have a clue how anyone could mistake pig shit for horse shit and that it was all bull shit and he wanted another pizza for free, but he had already eaten the shit that we'd delivered the first time.

Comment Re:P.O.R.N. (Score 1) 266

I preformed a search for advanced level porn and this pops up first: http://www.stairporn.org/. I suppose the "advanced level" means going up to the next level, very literally. Full disclosure for those of very basic reading levels: The two searches were similar, but not the same. You see, the period, or "." between the parent post and this child post makes it a different search. Apparently porn, and p.o.r.n. are not so similar after all (though I did see the aforementioned (obligatory smart sounding, but dumb, word) link to necrosis. Yuck!

Comment Re:Ask the AA/ANWB or whatever fixes car on the ro (Score 1) 257

Uh, cars can crash into houses now: http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=car+crashes+into+home. The difference is that in the absence of human control, autopilot can level aircraft and avoid obstacles better than the largely unimplemented SUV equivalent systems. Aircraft would be safer IMHO than soccer moms driving four ton bullets at street level with my kids. Oh, and out of fuel? I've flown an aircraft that lost it's fuel feed and landed safely. The don't stop midair and plummet. You have some lift until you decelerate.

Comment Re:UTTER FAILURE (Score 1) 158

wHAT I REMEMBER FROM THE PAST, IS THIS ANNOYING FEATURE OF THE TRS-80 (TRASH 80) DEVICE, WHERE THE CAPITAL LETTER WERE THE ONLY OPTION. tHE ONLY WAY TO READ BBS TEXT WAS TO HAVE THE BACKGROUND REVERSED ON EVERY LOWERCASE LETTER, AND IT WAS SIMILAR TO THIS POST. wHICH I AM SURE YOU WILL AGREE IS ANNOYING AS HELL. oH, AND THE THE 300 BAUD MODEM WAS KILLER, WITH A CASSETE TAPE FOR A HARD DRIVE AND A CARTRIDGE PORT. Caps Lock Keys are about as obsolete as the scroll lock (I use that for my KVM switch) and the pause/break button. Sure, they *can* be useful, but for how many of us? Only the geeks. I'm sure we geeks can program a key combo to hold down the shift button.

Comment It actually looks kinda roomy. (Score 2) 76

If you compare this to the quarters on a sub it's really roomy. If all you do is sleep, work on a computer, and read books you don't need lots of space. In fact, I'm taking up far less space than I have available to me to post this here, and that's after years of taking up far more space in my clothing than is necessary.

Comment If you don't need money, then money won't motivate (Score 1) 633

If what they want is free, then money is worthless. It's a pretty simple barter arrangement. They share their own files so they get the files they need or want without having to use any money. If they don't use money, why would they want money? Get it yet? Money is worthless in some places in this world. This would be one of them. I have a reason to keep things legal, so instead of illegal versions of file sharing I use freeware, open source things like this OS I'm on. I legally traded skilled services for the hardware, and paid a tax on that as well. The entire computer hardware and software were free. The only money involved was mandated by the legal system, and they sure didn't motivate me in the least.

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