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Comment It actually looks kinda roomy. (Score 2) 76

If you compare this to the quarters on a sub it's really roomy. If all you do is sleep, work on a computer, and read books you don't need lots of space. In fact, I'm taking up far less space than I have available to me to post this here, and that's after years of taking up far more space in my clothing than is necessary.

Comment If you don't need money, then money won't motivate (Score 1) 633

If what they want is free, then money is worthless. It's a pretty simple barter arrangement. They share their own files so they get the files they need or want without having to use any money. If they don't use money, why would they want money? Get it yet? Money is worthless in some places in this world. This would be one of them. I have a reason to keep things legal, so instead of illegal versions of file sharing I use freeware, open source things like this OS I'm on. I legally traded skilled services for the hardware, and paid a tax on that as well. The entire computer hardware and software were free. The only money involved was mandated by the legal system, and they sure didn't motivate me in the least.

Comment Toddlers can use pcs, too (Score 1) 742

It appears you all really suck at parenting. My son has had several computers, including pcs. They are loaded with educational games, restricted access, and teaching tools. My son has been able to demonstrate the ability to navigate the computer better than his peers, who *are learning to do so under the sponsorship of public schools in kindergarten*. I'd rather teach him myself before someone who is computer illiterate pollutes his knowledge of the things.

Comment Re:These will never catch on (Score 1) 72

What about the Bluetooth devices sticking out of everyone I know's ear? They sure are not comfy, but they free up hands. Beforehand it was stereo headphones, and yes, people used them (in fact, I wish the idiots with giant boom boxes on their shoulder would get some). I'd happily wear such a device if it were wireless.

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