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Comment Re:And half the Arctic countries don't care (Score 1) 272

What will happen to the planet 100 years from now? I really don't think the planet will be in devastating shape... even with a few degrees warming.

The planet will be fine, it's a big ball of rock with some soft squishy things moving around on it. There might be fewer species roaming about in the short term, but evolution will fix that, given a few million years. The loss in biodiversity will be a Bad Thing, but it'll only be temporary. The human race might encounter some difficulties too, but only from problems that we made for ourselves; I guess we'd better learn either to live with it (and avoid causing further damage) or to figure out how to find some other planet to go live on.

Comment Re:Occupy is going to get republicans elected ... (Score 1) 529

The choices are not all bad. What people seem to get confused about is thinking that if they don't stand a chance of getting their favoured candidate elected, there's no point in voting. I only know about the UK, but there are more political parties than Conservative and Labour here; if other parties start getting an increased share of the vote, the big parties sit up and take notice and policies change in order to try to attract the disaffected back into the fold. If the headless entity that is Occupy wants to make a real difference, next election there ought to be Occupy candidates standing in every seat. Then we can find out whether they really represent the 99%.

Comment Not enough bandwidth for this to work (Score 1) 78

Bandwidth, at least where I live (near Oxford), isn't fast enough to stream video - the last time I tried to watch streaming video, I got two seconds of video, five seconds buffering, two seconds video, rinse, repeat. LoveFilm have been advertising quite heavily recently - they've been stressing the fact that you can either download or get DVDs in the post. Seems like a no-brainer to me...

Comment Re:That will just kill UK sites, won't it? (Score 1) 219

At least the joint committee are seeking to fix the problem of libel tourism. Have a look at http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/jt201012/jtselect/jtdefam/203/20306.htm#a19, a snippet of which is included below:

There have been growing concerns in recent years that defamation law in this country has come to be more protective of reputation than elsewhere in the world to such an extent that London has become the preferred location for defamation actions involving foreign parties with only a tenuous link to this jurisdiction. ... Some say that London has developed a reputation as the libel capital of the world and that the judgments of its courts are having a chilling effect on freedom of speech in other parts of the world. ... The draft Bill seeks to prevent claims against defendants who are not domiciled here or in another EU member state without a strong link existing to the jurisdiction of England and Wales. It prevents a court from hearing such a case unless it is satisfied that this jurisdiction is the "most appropriate" place for a defamation action to be brought.

Comment Re:Paging Darth Vader (Score 1) 951


we investigated a number of options for using widescreen formats more effectively with the goal that the total vertical space available for content was the same after we added the ribbon as it had been in Windows 7. We removed the header at the top of the main view and moved the Details pane to the right side (and also did a visual revamp of the pane) while keeping a one-line status bar at the bottom of the window where we show you critical information.

I don't like the ribbon layout, as it makes it hard to find less frequently used features than a menu system, but you can hide the ribbon if you want to. As far as I'm concerned, if they leave the context menu alone, I can cope with it...

Comment Re:Nothing but respect... (Score 1) 349

30km away radiation levels are 10 times higher than normal.

Ten times higher than background radiation is nothing to worry about.

I think you need to do your research.

Likewise. According to this article: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/03/17/fukushima_thursday/page2.html, the maximum dose the the nuclear plant workers are being allowed to be exposed to as a result of this accident is 250 millisieverts. As the article states, the LD50 (dose that'll kill 50%) is 4000 millisieverts. While I wouldn't want to get exposed to that level of radiation myself, it seems to me like the workers are being quite well looked after. The very fact that they've been evacuated at all suggests that they're making sure the workers are OK, rather than sacrificing them in a blind panic in order to regain control. Have a look at this: http://www.world-nuclear-news.org/RS_Attempts_to_refill_fuel_ponds_1703111.html - and bear in mind that the workers on site will, for most of the time, be in a heavily shielded room. Radiation levels near the reactors themselves are high, but at the edge of the site they aren't nearly as high, and have been dropping for some time.

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