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Comment Re:Easily explainable: Nokia (Score 5, Informative) 371

Only bad thing about WP7 is that you can't run apps outside markets as easily as with old Windows Mobile's. It really sucks. But it's something iPhone and Android mandated, so blame is on them.

Erm.. android? erm... no there is a nice simple setting where you can chose to install things not from the official android market, there are also other markets such as the app brain market for android.... so yer kinda of .. well way off the mark

Comment Re:Tory party is a collection of special interests (Score 1) 165

we want to declare independence as that is what we want...... 69 seat majority in the Scottish parliament for the pro independence SNP
increasing rates of approval all the time
independence getting higher % of the polls each time
Also what's wrong with drawing parallels between Scotland and Norway?
Norway has roughly similar population , slightly less oil/gas reserves and is also due to it's "national oil fund" coasting easily through this recession as it has over 300 billions in the bank to help it.... what's not to like about it?(except maybe the price of a beer
As for braveheart ~shakes head~ the only thing that film did was get people interested in the story of William Wallace
his love interest in the film , in reality, would nt be born for another 100 years, ther are many other glaring historical inaccuracies therein as well. BUT those with half a r4ain can then go on to READ more about it andfind .... Mel gibson is full of crapoica.. .. in fact him promoting the passion of the christ as "factual" whe it was written in the middle ages to foment anti-jewish feeling should be enough about that.
As for Alex Salmond.. he is a politician of high standing, clean reputation, and can run circles around anyone who debate him. i have never in my 23 years of interest in politics seen him lose a debate
you are right about the killing thogh as long as you man the original Danish/Swedish production and not the American remake albeit i suspect the remake of the killing will be better than the remake of the millennium trilogy :/ Alba Gu Brath agus Saor alba :P

Comment Re:The scary thing is (Score 1) 233

you mean the real Scots regiments never shown you the "dance of the flaming arseholes"?

I guess they assumed we had a "don't-ask-don't-tell" policy ;) Is that what you boys do after the sheep run away?

you've obviously never see n it.. also there is no "don't ask don't tell" policy in the Uk forces, that's a yank thing

and yeah, even being Canadian , without the airborne head dress you re a crap hat :)

True 'nuff. I got offered the jump course several times, but somehow the idea of a 1-in-10 chance of broken limbs didn't really appeal to me. Now that we've finally gotten parachutes that don't date back to medieval times I'd definitely go for it, but at the time it seemed like a loose-loose proposition. I did my jumps civvie-side, where the success of a landing isn't measured in how well you can walk after.

BWAHAHAHA typical crap hat wendy response

at a guess you got yer ass kicked by real Scottish regiments and hence the bullshit about Scotland

On that point, I'll have to concede; while we always did very well against every other nation, you lot brawl like nobody else :)

yer damned tooting we do hence a high percentage of SAS soldiers come from Scotland and their unit of origin is the Parachute Regiment. i never did the 22 selection course personally but i did do the 14 int one.. not an easy task.. 14 int has now become the S.R.R

btw yer response is in Irish not Scottish Gaelic :P
Yeah, realized that after I wrote it. Close enough!

Laughed my ass of when I got the translation of your original barb. Truly, only the Scots could come up with that kind of insult.

they have Scottish Gaelic insults online?.. bargain o hope it's use grows as that brings interest into the language. also when you live "next door" to the Sassain you kinda have need of those phrases.. as they are generally quit fitting :P

Comment Re:The scary thing is (Score 1) 233

you mean the real Scots regiments never shown you the "dance of the flaming arseholes"?
and yeah, even being Canadian , without the airborne head dress you re a crap hat :)
the is a method to the madness of the Scots and the fact you don't get it speaks volumes LOL
that twinned with the fact that, as a nation, Canada doesn't know what the fuck bacon actually is speaks more as well :P
at a guess you got yer ass kicked by real Scottish regiments and hence the bullshit about Scotland
btw yer response is in Irish not Scottish Gaelic :P

Comment Re:The scary thing is (Score 1) 233

just shows your own pig ignorance and the fact they let too many sassain into Scottish regiments..LOL
The exception is the Canadian Scottish regiments where Canadians join even at that many of them learn the guide of Gaidheal tongue.
you though sound like, albeit this may not be the case, a silly unionist/sassainach 'nad fhaighean with an axe to grind with a fine and soon to be independent wee country
As an ex-serviceman myself i can only but laugh at your craptasticness. albeit the queens Own and my Regiment(the Parachute Regiment) have had ties of respect and mutual loss going back to Warren Point, in general if you don't have that illustrious head dress of the airborne forces you were just a crap hat and life wasn't that hard for you .. yer jist a gallooot wi no a touch a a'hin saunsie aboot ye ... yah radge :-)

Comment Re:Phone booths (Score 1) 81

The former telco monopoly in Latvia uses phone-booths. It's just about the perfect solution to both wi-fi coverage and public phone disuse, I'm surprised I haven't seen it anywhere else.

we have that in Scotland and i suppose the rest of the UK too.
a shed load of BT(british telecom) public phone boxes are wifi hotpots. however there is , as stated above some strings
they are bundled with a british telecom or any of their partners packages and a lot of the less technically adept BT DSL subscribers are inwittingly letting other people use their wifi via the BT Fon wifi setting in the BT homehub router.

Comment Re:U.S. is established on religion, so (Score 5, Informative) 900

Actually this is a misnomer. The US was established on freedom of and from oppressive religion. Many of our founding fathers were atheists/Deists (For the pre-darwin time I would consider deism pretty close to atheism, considering they more or less believed that god takes no active part in the world today). In god we trust was added to our money, and "under god" was added to our pledge in the 1950's. Both spit in the face of what the founding fathers had intended with separation of church and state.

this post is 100% spot on. to claim a christian foundation for the USA is blatantly rewriting history

Comment Re:Asia goes up! (Score 4, Informative) 330

1,100 high-tech employees on the processor side of the fab, and more than that on the flash memory side. A $3.6 billion construction project. Yes, I'd say they will appreciate it.

not just that if you actually look it's more

The 1.6 million square foot factory cost $3.6bn, but the total investment is closer to $9bn, according to Austin Chamber of Commerce, making it the largest-ever foreign investment in Texas. According to Reuters, the fab ramped up to full production at the beginning of December.

that's a fair wad of cash injected into the local economy and not an investment to be sniffed at at all.
Reuters has an article on it HERE

Comment Re:Government responsible says, 'Look, commies'. (Score 2) 281

Your rant is pure demagoguery.

What you seem to disregard is that Iran is now ruled exclusively by a religious leader, and that his dog Ahmadinejad doesn't just not get along with Israel, but calls out for the destruction of Israel pretty much any time there's an open microphone nearby. He does so even though Israel has never done anything bad to Iran and the two countries even had strong military relations prior to 1979.

maybe because pre 1979 Iran had the Shah who was put in business by the CIA and MI6 and thus Israel would be happier with what was perceived "western puppet govt"

In 1941, Reza Shah was deposed and his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was installed by an invasion of allied British and Soviet troops. In 1953, foreign powers (American and British) again came to the Shah's aid—after the Shah fled the country, the British MI6 aided an American CIA operative in organizing a military coup d'état to oust the nationalist and democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh.

Comment Re:BT Retail, or BT Wholesale? (Score 1) 100

you forgot BT Openreach who are in charge of the infrastructure

So what's the setup for fibre? How come other ISPs aren't able to pick this up and sell it to customers? Is fibre not required to be provided wholesale? Is it being sold by BT Wholesale in a way that favors BT Retail over other providers? If so, these are issues that Ofcom should be taking VERY seriously.

Openreach roll it out..... BT retail always get first shot at it and wholesale always delay roll out to others, basically till OFCOM kick their asses which they have been.... as to whether bt wholesale favour bt retail.. yes and that's another thing OFCOM have given them grief for and still do. openreach were given shit about their preferential treatment and QOS given to BT retail. as to why other ISP are not able to sell on.....BT were gauging prices like hell anf got caught thus the recent OFCOM ass kicking and yesterdays announcement of the wholesale price drop and better conditions to other ISP's.

However , whether it's BT Openreach , BT retail, BT wholesale.. they are ALL part of the BT group of companies which are all run by the same board of directors...... to be honest it's like you actually haven't been following this story at all as this is just the latest entry into the catalogue of it and thus my temptations is to sauy to you, Mr AC that there is a smell of freshly laid plastic grass about you.....ALL the questions you have asked have answers readily available to you and in the majority od cases BT was found to be at fault in a big way

As for bethere... i am with them and they just sent out an email as to why their fibre offering will not be this year

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