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Comment Re:People still use blacklists??? (Score 2) 279

They don't (have to) store your mails, only who you send it to: the traffic data. That in itself is bad enough though, and one of the reasons I run my own mailserver on a provider subdomain. Them setting up reverse DNS incorrectly caused a lot of mail to bounce, but after they corrected it (9 minutes after I mailed them about it, they act very quick) I have not had those problems again.

Comment Re:I am not sad (Score 1) 144

Spam is on the groups I am on not much of a problem anymore: the marketeers seems to have forgotten the textgroups on usenet. Sometimes I do have problems with other kinds of spam, like the sci.physics.* groups being overrun by crackpots, but for that there are moderated groups like sci.physics.research.

Comment Re:Need to decentralize (Score 1) 144

eDonkey had a single point of failure: the software was closed-source and maintained by a company that could be sued to bancrupcy. eMule, that was developed als an open eDonkey client, does not suffer from that problem. It is open source and several forks are in widespread use.

Comment Re:Need to decentralize (Score 1) 144

eMule is close enough. Each node is equivalent to another, and searches are done through the nodes, so there is no single website to block. Further, the software is open source so going after the maintainers (like they did with Limewire and edonkey) won't work too.

Comment Need to decentralize (Score 1) 144

In the ongoing battle between artificial monopolies against free sharing all centralized single point of failures are under attack. Now they attack usenet by attacking the search engines. Decentralized systems with also decentralized search technology are the future - try shutting down something like the eMule KAD network. Combined with tools like PeerBlock to keep the spyfirms out this is still pretty secure.

Comment Then start using stone to build houses (Score 2) 289

When I see pictures of the storm damage, I notice most houses in the USA seems to be built of wood. No wonder they are not storm resistant, did they forgot the story of the 3 little pigs and the wolf? In the part of Europe I live almost all houses are built of stone, storms do cause damage but you never get complete villages completely crashed. Wood is used for garden small homes, not for the house you normally live in.

Comment Re:Hardware adware, cool! (Score 1) 383

All of the disdvantages there don't apply to the books I download from various p2p networks. Rather, I can make backup copies easily, can copy them to anyone who likes then (no need for complicated lending constructions), my USB sticks pobably outlive the paper of the cheaper pockets (some paper books I bought in my youth are already seriously degrading). And, of course, I can carry an entire library on a small device.

Comment Re:Car Dealers (Score 1) 383

The other one is mobile phone ads "Sent from my ___".

I accept those for their information value. If I get a short mail telling me "sent from a phone" (almost always from business-used iPhones) I know that the person in question has read my mail but I know I don't have to expect long replies. I'll get a better reply when he/she's back in office.

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