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Comment Re:Government action (Score 2) 332

> So if you store information on your own computer and you get a warrant to search your data you have to show your data. No, in most EU countries (except the UK AFAIK) we do have functional laws against self incrimination and you can tell the government to go find the data itself. If they can't find it or can't decrypt it they are out of luck.

Comment Re:I am all for it. (Score 1) 140

I mean mostly parents censoring their children, or some xian fundamentalists here who have a social pressure to procure internet from a provider who censors (although this kind of censoring is being made illegal in The Netherlands due to a change in law).

Comment Re:U.S. government has its hands in Sweden and eve (Score 1) 171

"It was clear Sweden was a US puppet state long before that when the Swedish police raided TPB at the request of US authorities" Yes, anyone remember how the Swedes changed their laws about how anyone could view papers sent to their parliament when the scientology cult got involved andf bribed some US senators to interfere.

Comment Re:I am all for it. (Score 1) 140

The adult industry won't be so stupid as to move to .xxx domains since there are fat too many prudes who would find this too easy to filter for others. My guess is that .xxx will be mostly registered by non-adult companies who want to prevent others from registering their

Comment Re:Car Analogy (Score 1) 322

Printing or copying a book is usually more expensive than just buying it, and then I didn't consider the time it takes. However, with tablets becoming more popular, I find that downloading digital copies of books (from sites that don't charge any money) and just don't print them but read them from the screen replaces buying physical books.

Comment Re:Guns, not Cars (Score 1) 322

Maybe the question should not be when you can download the (blueprints of) a car from TPB but those of machine guns. Some pistols (like the Glock) are already made mostly of plastic, criminals and ;ynch mobs will just love it when they can print heavy artillery and ammo. Gunpowder is easy to make, I experimented already with that when I was a kid.

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