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Comment Re:Damage control (Score 1) 611

Keeping in mind that people have gotten the latest Sim City to process on a home PC without requiring any additional help from the servers by simply activating a debug mode. I know it's nit-picking, but I'm still kind of holding a grudge about that whole thing.

Other than that, I agree. If you can at least phone home without needing broadband then they're separate arguments, even though I'm not fond at all about the way they've implemented DRM.

Comment Re:iPhone only (Score 1) 199

I've been using the Galaxy note since late December, and I've gotten only one alert- an Amber alert. It's definitely not just iPhone that has this, they're just a little late to the party.

And for those who worry about what this might be used for... again, I've seen it all of once. No propaganda, no spam, no cost to me.

Comment Re:What a great idea! (Score 1) 257

Funny, I always considered myself a Liberal... could it be that your prejudice against a particular group is forcing you to see a Libertarian where there is none?

If my mobile phone is stolen, I'd like it bricked, yes. If someone at my provider is having a bad day, someone who ISN'T me reports my phone stolen when it is not, or some script kiddie just feels like being an asshole, I don't want my phone to turn into a brick.

There is a positive side to this, and a negative side to this. For many reasons already stated in this particular thread, I think I'd rather not have a kill switch on mine, at least not one accessible to anyone but myself.

Comment Re:What a great idea! (Score 1) 257

I can provide an example off the top of my head, but I believe we're still a ways out from this happening- so, for the time being, our example will take place in the totally fictitious country of Tarkey.

Let's say there's some protests- a large number of people railing against the government for whatever reason there may be. In order to lessen their ability to plan and gather together, you turn off their cell service. Now, that does hurt a bit, but what if they still have wifi access? By bricking the phone entirely, you remove a very useful tool and if used in conjunction with an internet kill switch, you essentially can end all digital access for the protesters.

I pray it never gets to that point in the USA.

Comment Re:What a great idea! (Score 1) 257

Even if we ignore the point I brought up with the sarcasm, depending on how it's implemented, it could be entirely useless anyway. I'm willing to wager that, unless it does something irreversible such as destroy hardware, it'll be trivially easy to fix. Why, within days of its introduction I would be disappointed if there were any fewer than 5 youtube videos teaching you how to un-brick, un-kill, or otherwise just stop this function from doing a damn thing.

Heck, if I wasn't dirt poor I'd even put money on it.

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