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Comment Re:Why is this on slashdot? (Score 1) 542

Perhaps it is Catholicism's historic fear of, aversion to, and impedance of scientific progress? While I don't believe it, some people are suggesting that a new pope might more willingly embrace scientific truths rather than outright deny or denounce them. Not that these challenges are even a problem in modern day...

Comment Re:So (Score 2) 542

a change in pope can affect how those people -- and especially their kids -- view certain issues, including scientific issues

Can, but won't. All of the Cardinals involved were either appointed by the current or previous pope, and/or they appointed the current pope. How they view certain issues and how the next pope they select also views them will not change. It'll take Vatican III to bring about any real progress, and with the current conservative trend I don't think Vatican III would come anytime soon.

But, that's just how I view it.

Comment Re:What happened? (Score 1) 114

Yeah, I have a collection of ThinkPad laptops that date back to the early 90's and their overall look has not changed very much, but they're damn solid machines. Even the oldest one can still run its OS. If it ain't broke, don't break it.

Comment Re:Honest question (Score 2) 78

Yes, solar panels and rechargeable batteries. They can go into a low-power dormancy mode when dust storms threaten to block the sun for extended periods of time, and when dust starts to cake on the solar panels it can be a problem. High speed winds (aka "cleaning events") can sometimes clear this dust, which is part if how Opportunity has remained functional for as long as it has.

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