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Comment Re:What's the big deal? (Score 1) 398

You use the word "usable" pretty strongly there. Having the Metro screen replace the Start menu hardly makes the OS unusable. The full-screen change is a bit of an interruption to my train of thought, but the dozen applications I use with any frequency are pinned to the task bar anyway. It's really not the end of the world.

Comment Re:Dying gasps (Score 1) 535

Well, I was getting more at the fact that Java encourages lazy habits in part because of its garbage collector. That is, just recklessly nulling out or re-referencing a pointer that may have previously referenced some gigantic data structure. That automated GC at runtime will save the day, but man, what a bad habit it is that people rely on it.

That's not to say that garbage collection is bad, especially if you're already writing in your own solutions to destroy objects. The difference is, you're consciously aware of what you're doing, and more in tune with what exactly is going on inside your computer when the code is being executed.

Your code probably could run circles around mine, but I'll only call you a sissy to your face if you call me an 'armature' to mine!

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