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Feed Wired: Google Books Case Fosters Intellectual, Legal Crossroads (wired.com)

Nobody in their right mind opposes the intellectual soundness of digitizing the world’s books and making them available online. Yet Google will encounter stiff resistance in a Manhattan federal court Thursday during a marathon hearing that could grant Google the keys to freeing the written word from a business and intellectual model as old as paper and ink.

Feed Wired: The Fight over the Google of All Libraries: An (Updated) Wired.com FAQ (wired.com)

It's the beginning of the end-game for the The Google Books project -- an audacious attempt to create the most comprehensive library in the history of the world -- as the case moves again to a federal hearing in New York. The story is a complicated one, combining copyright law, anti-trust issues, plain old capitalist competition and the odd problem of orphan books, and Wired.com is here to help you sort it all out.

Feed Wired: Alleged Assassins Caught on Dubai Surveillance Tape (wired.com)

Surveillance cameras catch suspicious activities of 11 people in the hours before Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a Hamas official, is killed in a Dubai hotel. Members of the alleged assassination team arrive in Dubai with European passports, meet clandestinely, move in and out of hotels and don disguises.

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