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Comment Re:Also... (Score 1) 103

Bummer you did not take the time to log in and defend your whining.
I am so far off topics it cannot hurt to keep feeding he trolls now.

Yes, because it's Google's core principle to help the struggling American economy.

Of course not, Google's core principle is help Google. A strong American economy helps Google.
Throwing away tax money on programs that stunt the economy by teaching the lower class to be dependent does not help the economy.

Please... Big companies don't give a damn about economy of any country - they only care about the economy of their business.

The economy of their business is tied to the economy of every country they operate it, they care whether they want to or not.
Again, they help the economy best by keep as much of their money as possible instead of wasting it on taxes.

If you offer them incentives to get out of tax heavens, they'll thank you dearly and start thinking of ways to import Chinese workforce into the US.

Lower minimum wage so that Chinese workforces are not so appealing.

Trickle-down economy means the rich and powerful pissing on everyone and everything below them.

If you lie on the ground with your hands out to the government then it is no surprise a little urine trickles down on you.

The happiest day in any CEO's life would be the day slavery is reinstated. Do you know why the minimum wage is the most common pay grade in Europe? It's not because the people are uneducated. It's because the companies can't lawfully make their wage any lower than that, and they would if they could.

Supply and demand, if you are not worth more than slave wages, what good does paying you an artificially higher wage do?
Nothing, it teaches you that less effort gets you more gain, sucking the tit of the government like a good little baby.

There's just no work here in the UK - the people are fighting for the PRIVILEGE of having a job. And that means a company can open a position for a minimum wage and not worry about people not showing up for the interview. Even better, they can open an "internship" position and get people flocking to their doorstep by simply saying "At some point in the future we might even offer you a paid job - depends on how long we can milk the current economic climate".

Then leave the UK or create your own job opportunities.
Why go work for the man if you are worth more?
In the states there are more job opportunities falling in my lap daily than 100 of me could do.
I can only imagine how many I can find if I looked.
Those who cannot find work are just plain lazy, expecting hand outs.

I say, if having a job is a privilege in itself, then there is something fundamentally wrong with the system.

Having a job is a privilege, has always been aprivilege, and should always be a privilege.
Those who believe they are entitled to anything automatically are the drain on system and the problem themselves.

And unfortunately you can't blame the clueless government on this one, even if it was a contributing factor.

You are correct, a culture of entitlement is to blame; those who think they deserve something for nothing have formed the government and the system that they complain about and bleed dry.

I love working with immigrants from countries such as China, Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, and the like.
I have heard stories of them escaping horrible conditions, even wars, living on things as awful as cat food while working through school.
They work extremely hard and never complain for a moment about their hardships.
Instead they are just abundantly grateful that they have opportunity and liberty.
As a result I see them produce, create wealth, and become very successful.
Meanwhile spoiled little Europeans and Americans whine that they are not handed more.

Comment Re:So now (Score 1) 656

About 30 days in jail and a hundred bucks for trespassing. That'd be the going rate..

For 30 year sentence, the prosecutor's cut for the prison company's sales margin is 30*365*50*0.25*0.10 = 10950 USD, assuming 25% sales margin and 10% kickback of sales margin from prison companies. It is likely that prison companies also make extra money for forced labour etc, but for simplicity's sake lets leave that out for the moment. Now, 30 days only makes 30 USD. Guess what the prosecutor will be shooting for ?

Now, has anyone cross-referenced prosecutor's and judge's shareholdings for prison companies and other related businesses? Might be interesting...

Comment Re:Not so fast (Score 2) 228

I worked for a physician's office, and the doctor has to review the patients chart and sign-off on the record release.
You are paying primarily for the doctor's time to review the chart and the staff's time to prepare the document for the doctor.
There are certain liabilities involved for the physician if there is anything inaccurate in the chart.

Comment Re:they needed source. (Score 1) 82

BUT.. if you had a projector, why the fuck use the tv.

Simple, the pixel density and picture quality from the LCD display will be better than the projector.

If you had a nice projector screen and a projector with a crazy resolution then by all means ditch the LCD display, but it will cost you a good amount and is not really novel.
However this solution can combine a sub $500 projector and sub $500 LCD display and provide a novel new display that increases immersion without compromising the current image quality.

I agree it is not exactly mind blowing, this is today tech, if not yesterday tech.
It is simply a matter of software support, the hardware is sitting at your local electronics store waiting to be purchased and setup in your living room.
However, it is clever, no one else bothered to do it that I have seen. Furthermore, I would be interested in seeing it in person or setting up my own version.
That being said, I would love for them to take this a minor step forward.
I would love to see four cheap projectors combined and strapped to the ceiling with an LCD in front.
Now the entire virtual world is around me, I am immersed in it; and still a potentially affordable solution.
Heck, I am going to Amazon.com right now to buy me some cheap projectors to build this setup and trump Microsoft!

Comment Re:A phone running Ubuntu Mobile (Score 2) 102

We need carrier killing hardware and a carrier agnostic data radio tower setup.

The hardware would have an open boot loader ready to take on Android, Ubuntu, Jolla, and any other open sourced ROM available.
The hardware would include the five major HSPA+ bands (850, 900, AWS, 1900, 2100), and LTE bands (4, 17, 13, 7, 3, 25) to cover a majority of the spectrum used by carriers in the Americas, Europe, and the rest of the world.
The hardware would also support a USB dongle for additional carrier data support for carriers who do not provide SIM cards.

Beyond that the hardware will support a protocol for carrier agnostic mobile accounts.

Cell towers would run like WiFi access points, and the mobile device would handle the hand off between towers.
Each tower can even be run by an individual entity if desired, no national or regional carrier system would be needed.
Instead there would be entities that sell data credit to end users.

A mobile device would have an account with a data credit reseller.
The mobile device can scan for access in its area and connect to a tower based on how the user priorities (cost, speed, signal strength...)
The tower would then charge the data credit reseller for the user's usage.

This setup allows for each cell tower to compete for users in an area.
This would allow start-up wireless companies to compete immediately.
Once enough individual towers went up then it would compete with the big carriers and force them to change and join the carrier agnostic system further driving down the price for data for consumers.

Comment Re:After 42 yrs programming I say... (Score 1) 430

I'm not seeing the issue.

You are missing the point of the post by man_of_mr_e and the reply from casing.
man_of_mr_e wanted to dismiss formatting issues as not a big deal to diff in the version control, claiming diff is smart enough to handle it; an interesting assertion.
However, casing cleverly pointed out that man_of_mr_e was missing the issue of case formatting and how diff would probably choke on it.

If a dude is changing variable names, then I would want to know about it as that is less trivial than whitespace changes. This seems like another productivity issue. If I have a guy focusing on changing variable names from myVar to my_var, then he's either going to be talked to and told to wisen up or canned as he's not doing anything productive.

I agree that if productivity is in question then it would be nice to know. However I would disagree that productivity issues should clutter a version diff though.

Imagine the scenario where my IDE can quickly switch code from camel case to snake case and give me the white spacing I am most comfortable with. If with a key stroke Bill can alter Joe's code to be more readable for Bill and that in turn improves his efficiency, then why not? Correspondingly then Joe should be able to flip it write back when he has to work on Bill's code.

Now you are worried about the situation where Bill picks up Joe's code and spends his morning moving curly brackets to a new line and converting camels to snakes manually. Probably not the best use of Bill's time for you, and even if arguably the time spent converting Joe's code manually makes Bill more productive it was not a total time well spent. Now surely Bill is good enough to read Joe's formatting, but if it pisses him off, well then perhaps a few hours is worth keeping Bill happy? I mean Bill is a good guy, a great programmer, he is just set a bit in his ways and opinionated. Bill is still making his deadlines, no worries.

Comment Re:After 42 yrs programming I say... (Score 1) 430

Personally if you have a coder using myVar and my_var for two different variables in the same code, I think you have more to worry about that coding style.

I believe he was referring to Joe using camel case, myVar, and then Bill later fixing it to snake case, my_var. As a result the diff would mark this change as a difference since it was more than a white space change. This is as opposed to Joe placing his curly brackets on the same line as his if statements and Bill moving them to the line below white space changes.

White spacing changes are no longer a big deal with modern IDE's able to reformat to your desired white spacing, but I have not seen an IDE option to correct camel case to snake case.

Comment Re:Should have peed their pants (Score 1) 134

Nokia was big enough to bet multiple horses...

Agreed, if they truly believe in not selling out to something like Android they would have stuck with MeeGo which was just as far along as Windows Phone.

I really wonder what the thought process was behind dumping MeeGo and going with Windows Phone, if they truly saw it being a winner.
Unfortunately it seems there best bet now is to stay the course with Windows Phone.

I would kill for a 41MP PureView camera coupled with updated N950 hardware and running Android.
The smartphone market is so crowded, but a super phone is still waiting to be released.

I really hope the smart phone hardware market turns more toward a PC model of separating the hardware from the software.
Unfortunately Apple is trying to destroy that in both markets, and even more unfortunate it is a sound business plan.

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