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Comment Re:Movie rental (Score 1) 343

Because means the merchant owes the card company at least $0.40 (1% of two $20 transactions) and more likely $1.20. Add postage, packing and the cost of paying employees to unpack and refile the discs and record which customer has returned them and you're probably looking at $5 per cycle before you break even.

Frankly I'm amazed netflix et al are profitable at the prices they charge.

Submission + - Soulskill Defies Blackout (

Mateo_LeFou writes: "Slashdot editor Soulskill surprised many today by breaking through metaphorical strike lines and so on, posting a bunch of news stories on a day when the technology community, generally speaking, was pretty well agreed that this is a wholly inappropriate thing to do"

Comment Documentation good, comments bad (Score 3, Insightful) 545

If what you need documenting is at the level of comments within a file your problem is not that your programmers aren't writing comments it's that they are not sriting good software. If meaningful class, method and variable names and sensible expression constructs are used there is no benefit to be had from comments.

I'll make an exception for comments to explain why a given piece of code is not actually batshit insane but required to work with a third-party library you have to use.

Producing documentation that spans classes and discusses how things are designed to work at run-time is, however, part of the job.

Comment Re:'tis sad... (Score 1) 73

So how do the developers of the project move their families to France?

They just walk across the bridge near Strasbourg.

More seriously, it would be interesting to know the approximate geographic distribution of contributors to such projects. Most open source stuff I've downloaded has been in the origin-unknown category, or from european developers.

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