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Comment Re:No. 404 is important! (Score 2) 79

Absolutely agree. Give a nice little popup balloon, visibly separate from the web page (i.e. not like one of those in-client-area IE information bars; make it pop out as window size allows), that says "This page could not be accessed (error err_code). Below is an earlier version from archival_group. [ [ ] Do not show archived versions ever again, you dummy ]". (Maybe with more user-friendly language.) Problem solved.

Comment Re:Next step after that... (Score 1) 143

Better yet, just burninate the software patent countryside, salt the earth, and maybe save a prior picture of that quaint and evil practice for students to shake their heads at in disgust when they read their textbooks. Patenting math and algorithms is bad, chills software development (proprietary and especially otherwise), and only dignifies "IP" cartels like MPEG-LA.

Social Networks

Facebook Is a Plague That'll Burn Out In a Few Years, Says Study 338

Nerval's Lobster writes "Facebook will bleed the majority of its users over the next three years, according to Princeton researchers John Cannarella and Joshua Spechler, who arrived at that conclusion by comparing Facebook to an infectious disease. That's sort of logical: both Facebook and viruses depend on networks of human beings to "transmit" and grow; and just as people shake off viruses, they should (according to the theory, at least) eventually stop using Facebook. But how do a bunch of determined scientists actually trace Facebook's theoretical rise and fall? Cannarella and Spechler decided to use the frequency with which "Facebook" is typed into Google as their main dataset (various other studies have also relied on Google Trends as the basis for predictions). Those search queries reached a peak in December 2012. The researchers took that dataset and plugged it into prebuilt model for the spread of infectious disease (PDF), tweaked things a bit, and found that Facebook—like any plague that's burned through a significant portion of a population—will decline before the decade is out. Seem unlikely? To be fair, the researchers ran the term 'MySpace' through their model and found it traced that social network's rise and fall with some accuracy; but Facebook is much larger than MySpace at its peak, and woven much more pervasively throughout the fabric of the Web—thousands of Websites rely on the Network That Zuckerberg Built to connect with users, advertise, sell products, and much more. That prevalence alone should slow any Facebook decline. In addition, Facebook has begun releasing standalone apps such as Messenger, as part of a broader strategy to expand the company's branding and functionality beyond its core Website. Whether or not you like this theory that Facebook will 'burn out' has any validity, it's clear the social network is trying to mutate."

Comment FISA (Score 2, Informative) 42

From the report:

Does this Transparency Report include information on the number of national security orders you receive?

We report only information about National Security Letters. Like all other companies to issue transparency reports, we are not permitted at this time to report information on national security orders (like FISA orders).

So (before you ask) it does not account for the April 2013 secret FISA Hoover-order or any other such.

Comment Re:Overdesigned (Score 1) 221

I thought the interest in tracking was obvious when the giant Connect With (Facebook|Twitter) buttons got plastered on my face in the login page*. The logo-riffic Partners page does not help. It's clear that Trove is already in Slashdot's current milking-it stage, as a marketing tool for themselves and the logo'd companies. Taco's lost what's left of his way.

*and again, when I looked the create-account page**.

**which makes you have to click again to sign in with an email address if you're a normal non-TwitFace user. No thanks, I don't smoke and I don't "social".

Comment Re:If I install open source ECU software.... (Score 1) 437

Since the cars will also be connected to the internet and each other, the **AAs that'll lead that charge will file a trumped-up charge that you tried to spread malware and cause a highway pileup. Your car will be towed and you'll be in solitary for Conspiracy To Commit Mass Vehicular Manslaughter, Threatening National Security, Copying Floppies, and Disorderly Conduct.


You Might Rent Features & Options On Cars In the Future 437

cartechboy writes "These days, you go to a car dealership and you buy a car. If you want seat heaters, you might need to option for the cold weather package from the factory. Want the high-end stereo? You'll be likely be opting for some technology package which bundles in navigation. While some options are a la carte, most are bundled, and even when they are a la carte, they aren't cheap. What if in the future you could buy a car and unlock options later? Say the car came from the factory with heated seats, but you didn't pay for them. But later on, say in the middle of the freezing winter, you suddenly want them. What if you could simply pay a monthly fee during the winter months to have those heated seats work? Whether this model would benefit the consumer, the automakers, or both is yet to be seen. But automakers such as MINI are already talking about this type of a future. Is this the right road to be headed down, or are consumers going to just get screwed in the long run?"

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