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Comment Re:Woah (Score 1) 41

in journalism parlance this is called "reheating a press release".

in extremely slow days, the journalist, in this case a slash dot editor, just gets a press release that are sent to newspapers in troves every day, and publish as an original article.

nowadays you can see the same paragraphs in several tech sites and blogs because they all just reheat the same press release.

it's exactly the kind of thing that makes regular news suck, and what made slash dot meaningful in the past. now that this reached here, we all can leave.

Comment Intel ad? (Score -1, Troll) 207

is this an Intel ad?

My HTPC computer on the living room for viewing films is a AMD 5350. Differently from intel, you can have both hdmi with audio, 19V power in, standard ram sticks and components all at once. with intel you have to leave one of the three out.

Comment business as usual, sheeple (Score 1) 319

anyone that knows advertisers (or publishers, in this case) know that the premium spot (which a 60s ad before the season block buster is) will never the turned down. Those are the bread winers for any ad publisher.

what those premium spots do have are extras. i bet this one has a "for 10% more you get the premium spot with some controversy!"

Comment stagger from a stranger land loophole (Score 1) 239

in the book stranger from a stranger the astronaut thatt goes to Mars leave one behind or his kid or something. and he has claim to Mars (which is inhabited, but who cares about natives).

this creates a interesting loophole for the first to arrive/however lives there.

i can ship my retarded/drugged/scammed/overly-enthusiastic relative, and if they live out die, i inherit the meteor rights. and then i can send my drones to mine it out.

Comment we want information (Score 1) 232

the only reason for that is to leak personal, medical history to all the layers of the system. from your health provider, employer and credit card company.

there's no reason any of this would help a physician.

in America, with or without this, you will still be at the only "first world" country were a visit to the ER will only warrant any procedure of your bowels are exposed. for more than 3 inches.

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