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Comment Re:Lennart Poettering is cancer on the face of Lin (Score 1) 347

If systemd was just a init replacement, i would agree.

But at this point in time the one systemd tarball holds a init replacement, cron replacement, udev, firewall manager (firewalld), logger (journald), networkmanager (networkd), dhcp client, dns client, session/seat tracker (logind) that was also recently put in charge of handling power button and laptop lid events (replacing/merging shutdownd).

And i swear they were planning to put in a userspace TTY manager as well in the near future.

In essence it has pretty much become a second kernel in userspace.

Comment Re:The pain isn't in the switch (Score 1) 347

Poettering's standard reaction to something breaking because of changes introduced by systemd seem to be akin to Jobs and antennagate, "you are doing/holding it wrong".

Ran into a email a few days ago in relation to systemd trampling libvirt cgroup configs. It could basically summarized to "libvirt needs to supplicant itself before systemd".

It is the same kind of ivory tower attitude as we could see back when systemd would DOS the kernel if the kernel command line contained the debug flag.

Comment Re:Logs via network (Score 1) 347

The main devs on systemd seems to be coming out of a combo of devops/cloud and desktop, with little to no regard for keeping serious servers up for years on end.

In essence their idea of uptime is more akin to machinegun fire. Dump everything into containers/VMs, and just fire up a new one when the old one goes belly up. Don't care about bugs etc, just restart restart restart.

Comment Re:Logs via network (Score 1) 347

Not just feature requests. They are bluntly stated that any patches for functionality they have no interested in will be rejected.

Damn it, they even yanked HDD readahead support recently because everyone on the dev team was using SSDs.

It's like Torvalds yanking everything out of the kernel that didn't support x86 because thats all he is running on his desk.

Comment Re:I like how this got marked troll (Score 1) 347

Why oh why is it that the naysayers are the ones that has to move on and start over?!

Why could not Poettering and CO create their own distro and prove it functional from the ground up first?!

Damn it, look at how it is done at the kernel. New subsystems are maintained outside of the main tree for years while the bugs etc are hammered out.

Poettering and crew is not just replacing init with systemd, they are replacing everything between the kernel and the web browser with something new. This should really require that it is developed in isolation until the feature creep has come to a halt, and the bugs can be found and hammered out.

The latest changes include stuff like ADSL controls in networkd and folding power management into logind.

It barely makes sense that this has found its way into virtual noname distros and such. But that RH and Canonical is putting them into releases is whacko.

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