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Comment Re:To all you Obama supporters (Score 1) 165

The funny thing is, Hillary is the same age as McCaine was when the Democrats were talking about how old he was and we were a heartbeat away from Palin.

I personally would have preferred Palin than Obama, at least she is patriotic. She is also pretty smart, which makes all the smear campaigns of the press pretty funny. But if you prefer a liberal, she obviously isn't the one for you.

See, you can't tip you trolling hand by calling Palin smart...

Comment Re:The Dark Age returns (Score 1) 479

Yeah, that old doctoring numbers bit... you know, my speedometer doctors numbers, too. It doesn't tell me how fast the axle is turning, it tells me something in miles per hour. They're changing the numbers! Adjusting it for things such as wheel size! It's obviously fake. Just like climate science.

Comment Re:Doesn't get it (Score 1) 306

That's all very true. Just like almost everyone can run a race. But very few can be Usain Bolt. There are some people that are just very good at what they do by the vagaries of nature. Anyone can program, most people should get a passing familiarity with our kind of abstract thinking and the ability to generate algorithms to solve problems, but not everyone is going to be a good, or even decent, programmer, regardless of training.

Comment Re:happily in the iOS walled garden (Score 1) 344

Then you don't actually use an iOS device. They crash, they lock up, they have all the same problems as Androids. You're just upset that it's a different set of workarounds you have to learn. My fiancee has to reset hers periodically because it just stops responding. It won't get the same kind of reception that my Android phone does on the same network. It takes more button presses to do the same things, it's not as fast, and it's much less customizable. There are no widgets, no anything you can do to make it "yours".

iOS works for you. Don't mistake that for believing that it "just works", because nothing Apple makes does that, no matter the hype. I say this as a person that works on OSX daily, and doesn't hate it, but sees it for what it is.

Comment Re:The actual battle is not Android vs iOS. (Score 1) 344

It's not advertising. It's culture. Apple has wormed it's way into being the chic/cool/hip/elite/exclusive thing, and priced high enough to make an obscene profit while still being "affordable" to every schlep with aspirations of being in the 1%. Android can't compete with that market because anyone can make an Android device.

Comment Re:Android to iDevice (Score 1) 344

For only $200, you can get a 16GB Asus ZenFone2 with 2GB of RAM and Android 5. $300 gets you the fast charger, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Both versions come with MicroSD slots, NFC, all the high-end features. I'm more than happy with mine, it gets you near flagship features and performance for half to 1/3rd the price.

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