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Comment Re:Keyboard (Score 2) 165

Yeah! Stick the computer in the keyboard!

You can even have a flatscreen connected to it, with a hinge so the user can adjust the angle. Then stick on a battery so it can be used for a while away from a wall socket, and you've got an innovative new product!~

Comment Re:Chrome needs load tabs on demand. (Score 1) 117

Except that a single tab pretty much never dies. I've not had that happen for quite a while now.

In fact, it stopped happening about the time I uninstalled all plugins (flash, Java, etc). Probably not a coincidence. I use Chrome for the few things that need Flash, which is thankfully getting even rarer these days.

Comment Re:islam (Score 1) 1350

"And in fact the criminals who murdered these 12 people are not followers of Islam though they claim to do it in the name of Islam."

BULLSHIT. That's a simple "No True Scotsman" fallacy. It's a religion, they follow the religion. An extremist, homicidal version, but it's still Islam. Just like Anders Behring Breivik is Christian. Their versions of these religions are sick and twisted, but they're still Islam and Christianity, respectively. All it takes to be a member of a religion is to claim belief, and (for some) to go through an initiation ceremony (eg baptism).

Comment Re:Well Then (Score 2) 148

It's not even about evilness.

The NSA has a summer program where academic mathematicians (professors) can go to work. Back in the late 90s, my father (a mathematician) participated. Of course, he had to get security clearance, so they know everything important about him.

He's now quite vocally against the NSA and their dragnet spying.

If they're not paying special attention to former employees, especially former employees who worked on the actual crypto math, and especially former employees who publicly voice their disagreement with the organization, well, the NSA would have to be utterly moronic.

It doesn't take evil to be a target.

Comment Re:Multi Transport Navigation (Score 1) 421

Even better, the natural extension (that google maps can't do, not even partially at the moment): allow you to purchase tickets if necessary for the trip, in one go.

EG plan a trip to a different city. Public transit from Hartford, CT to NYC, NY, takes two busses and a train. I should be able to go to google maps, plan the route as normal, click the "public transit" button (that exists), select one of the departure times, click "buy" and have it buy me bus and train tickets for that route. Instead, I have to track down the various means to purchase tickets on several different transit system's websites.

Comment Re:MicroSD card? (Score 4, Interesting) 325

I've got a 128GB micro SD card (SanDisk) that I got for $100. It works fine in my phone (galaxy S4 google play edition) which only had a 16GB version available when I got it. Even if they'd had a 64GB version, I'd have had no way to expand the storage at all.

Now, it only works with media and documents, not with applications, and the /data partition Android uses for app data storage is small by default, but by repartitioning the internal SD card I can let it take up almost the entire 16GB and use the external SD for the extra storage. Much better than having no option.

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